Lucia Mendoza Rutgers Actions Spark Outrage

Over the weekend, a Rutgers University student named Lucia Mendoza triggered mass outrage online after she was caught on camera in New York City trying to tear down posters of Israeli civilians reportedly held hostage by Hamas. Despite being asked what she was doing and why, Lucia Mendoza seemed unaffected. When the person behind the camera informed her that the young woman in the poster was his cousin, she did not respond and continued tearing down the entire poster.

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Unfazed by the Consequences

Mendoza’s actions, as seen in the viral video, have been widely criticized for their insensitivity and potential antisemitic undertones. She refused to identify herself when asked to do so on camera, and her actions have generated outrage on social media platforms.

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Rising Antisemitism

The ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict has resulted in a substantial number of casualties, with over 9,000 recorded deaths. Mendoza’s actions have added fuel to the fire, sparking discussions about acceptable forms of protest during times of global unrest.

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently raised concerns about the alarming rise in antisemitism in the United States, describing it as reaching “historic levels.” The conflict in Gaza has played a significant role in this surge, with Jews being victims in the majority of hate crimes driven by religious discrimination.

Lucia Mendoza’s actions in tearing down posters of kidnapped Israeli children have ignited controversy and garnered widespread criticism.

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