Lisa Wilson Taraja Ramsess Wife, Children And Accident That Caught Everyone’s Attention

Taraja Ramsess was a remarkable figure in the world of entertainment, known for his impressive skills as a stuntman, actor, and martial artist. He left his mark on numerous blockbuster movies, including “Black Panther,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” His dedication and passion for his craft were evident in every role he took on. But there was more to Taraja’s life than his work in the film industry; he was also a loving father to five children.

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Taraja Ramsess Accident

Tragedy struck on Halloween night in 2023 when Taraja Ramsess and his family were involved in a devastating car crash in Atlanta, Georgia. They were returning home from a Halloween party when their vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer that had broken down in the left lane of an exit off the interstate. The impact of the collision was so severe that it resulted in the loss of Taraja and three of his daughters: Sundari, Fujibo, and Kisasi, who were trapped in the car and sadly passed away at the scene.

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Taraja Ramsess Wife Name is Lisa Ann Wilson

Lisa Wilson was the woman in Taraja Ramsess’s life, though it’s not confirmed whether they were married. Lisa is a talented photographer and filmmaker who has contributed to various projects, including “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” “The Hate U Give,” and “Queen & Slim.” She is also the founder and director of the Black Women Film Network, a non-profit organization that supports and promotes the work of black women in film and television.

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Lisa’s Background and Achievements

Lisa Wilson was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Lisa Wilson attended Spelman College, where she majored in English. Her passion for photography and filmmaking led her to further her education at the New York Film Academy and the American Film Institute. Over the years, Lisa has earned numerous awards and accolades for her exceptional work, including the NAACP Image Award, the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, and the Gotham Independent Film Award.

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Taraja Ramsess Wife Picture

Taraja and Lisa’s love story began in 2010 when they both worked on the film “For Colored Girls,” directed by Tyler Perry. They quickly formed a strong bond, sharing interests in film, art, and culture. Their relationship blossomed, and they supported each other’s careers in the entertainment industry. They also had a deep connection with their children, often involving them on set or watching them train.

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Taraja Ramsess Children

Together, Taraja and Lisa welcomed five children into their family: Sundari, Kisasi, Shazia, Fujibo, and Zara. Sundari, the eldest daughter, was 13 years old and had a passion for music and dancing. Kisasi, the only son, was 10 years old and enjoyed playing video games and soccer.

Shazia, the third daughter, was 3 years old and loved to draw and paint. Fujibo, the youngest daughter, was just 8 weeks old and was the apple of her parents’ eyes. Zara, the second daughter, was 8 years old and had a deep love for reading and writing.

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Lisa’s Message

After the tragic accident, the news sent shockwaves through the film industry and the community. Many people offered their condolences and tributes to Taraja and his family. Taraja’s mother, Akili Ramsess, a photojournalist and executive director of the National Press Photographers Association, shared the heartbreaking news on Instagram and thanked everyone for their support and prayers. She also revealed that Kisasi had passed away a few days later, after being on life support.

Lisa Ann Wilson, who survived the accident, was devastated by the loss of her partner and children. She posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, expressing that she was “broken beyond repair” and that she would “never be the same.” In her message, she thanked everyone for their love and kindness and requested privacy and respect during this challenging time. Lisa vowed to continue living for her two remaining daughters, Shazia and Zara, who were on the path to recovery from their injuries.

In the face of unimaginable grief, Lisa Ann Wilson’s strength and resilience shine through as she navigates life without her beloved husband and three of their precious children. The world mourns with her, offering support and sympathy during this incredibly difficult journey.

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