Li Keqiang Net worth, Education, Biography: Li Keqiang, born on July 1, 1955, in Hefei, China, was a prominent political figure who currently serves as the Premier of China. As of 2023, Li Keqiang’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $5 million. He was a loyal member of the Communist Party of China and has played a significant role in shaping the country’s political and economic landscape.

This article explores Li Keqiang net worth, education, biography and the story of becoming one of the most influential politicians in China.

Li Keqiang Biography

BornJuly 1, 1955
BirthplaceHefei, Anhui, China
EducationHefei No.8 High School (1974)
Peking University (LLB)
Peking University (PhD) in Economics (1995)
Political CareerMember of Communist Youth League (CYL) at Peking University (1982)
CYL Secretary at Peking University (1982-1983)
Member of CYL’s Secretariat (1983)
First Secretary of CYL (1993-1998)
Notable RolesHead of Henan Province (2004-2007)
Premier of China (2013-until death)
Net Worth (2023)Approximately $5 Million
Li Keqiang Biography

Li Keqiang Education

Li’s educational journey began during the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution. In 1974, he graduated from Hefei No.8 High School, an achievement marked by resilience and determination. Despite facing rural labor assignments in Fengyang County, Anhui, he refused to be groomed for local party leadership, instead opting to pursue higher education.

Li pursued a law degree at Peking University, where he became actively engaged in academics and leadership roles. He earned his LLB and was elected president of the student council. His doctoral advisor, prominent economist Li Yining, guided him in his pursuit of a Doctor of Philosophy in economics (PhD), which he successfully obtained in 1995. Notably, his doctoral dissertation received the Sun Yefang Prize, China’s highest economic honor, showcasing his academic prowess.

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Political Ascension

Li’s political career took off as he entered the Communist Youth League (CYL) at Peking University. In 1982, he was appointed as the CYL’s secretary at the university, and by 1983, he had risen to become a member of the CYL’s secretariat. This early association with the CYL marked the beginning of his close ties with Hu Jintao, a former Party General Secretary who also climbed the ranks of CYL.

Li’s dedication and leadership within the CYL earned him the position of the First Secretary in 1993, a role he served in until 1998. He stands as a representative of the first generation of CYL leaders, contributing significantly to the organization’s development.

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Political Stature and Achievements

Li Keqiang’s rise in Chinese politics has been nothing short of impressive. He served as the head of Henan province and was instrumental in transforming the impoverished inland region into an attractive destination for investment.

His approach focused on substantial and sustainable development, eschewing superficial projects. Under his leadership, Henan’s economic standing improved from 28th place in the early 1990s to 18th when he left his post. However, his administration faced challenges in addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis that was affecting rural areas.

Li Keqiang Net Worth

As of June 1, 2023, Li Keqiang’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $5 million. This substantial wealth reflects not only his political influence but also his contributions to China’s economic development and his academic achievements.

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