In a devastating incident in Lewiston, Maine, at least 22 lives were tragically cut short in a mass shooting that unfolded at a local bowling alley and bar and grille. The authorities are now in pursuit of a person of interest, 40-year-old Robert Card, who is a military veteran.

Robert Card shooter’s sudden and violent intrusion into the scene took victims by surprise, some of whom were enjoying a game of cornhole at the restaurant.

Lewiston Maine Active Shooter Robert Card Family, Wife Details

NameRobert Card
Age40 years
Date of BirthApril 4, 1983
Place of BirthBowdoin Center, Maine
OccupationMilitary Veteran and Trained Firearms Instructor
Military AffiliationArmy Reserve, stationed in Saco, Maine
Notable BackgroundTrained in firearms instruction
Current StatusPerson of interest in the Lewiston, Maine mass shooting case
Lewiston Maine Active Shooter Robert Card Family

Who is Lewiston Maine Active Shooter Robert Card Bowdoin?

Lewiston Maine Robert Card, a 40-year-old military veteran, has found himself at the heart of a tragic and devastating event in Lewiston, Maine. The mass shooting that claimed the lives of at least 22 people has put Card in the spotlight as a person of interest in the investigation.

Born on April 4, 1983, Robert Card hails from Bowdoin Center, Maine, as reported by Marca. While his background may seem unremarkable at first glance, a closer look reveals some key details that have raised concerns among law enforcement and the community.

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One notable aspect of Robert Card’s life is his background as a trained firearms instructor. This background has added an unsettling dimension to the unfolding tragedy. He is believed to be associated with the Army reserve, stationed out of Saco, Maine.

Robert Card Ex girlfriend

According to Robert Card sister, it is believed that her brother Robert might have been searching for his ex-girlfriend when he targeted the bowling alley and bar.

BOLO Alert

A “Be on the Lookout” (BOLO) alert has been issued by the police for Robert Card, who was reportedly seen driving a white 2013 Subaru Outback with the license plate 9246PD. The vehicle was later discovered near the Lisbon boat dock on Frost Hill Avenue near Route 196.

Card’s date of birth is believed to be April 4, 1983, and he is said to be a resident of Bowdoin Center, Maine. He is further described as a trained firearms instructor and a member of the Army reserve stationed in Saco, Maine.

Disturbingly, Robert Card had recently reported mental health issues and spent a few weeks in a mental health facility during the summer of 2023. This information raises questions about the motives behind the tragic incident.

The mass shooting occurred at three locations, which included a Walmart distribution center, a local bar, and a third yet undisclosed site. In response to the unfolding crisis, a shelter-in-place order has been issued to all Lewiston residents, urging them to remain inside their homes with doors locked.

Law enforcement is actively engaged in efforts to secure the area and locate the suspect. Shannon Moss, a spokesperson for Maine State Police, called on the community to stay vigilant, saying, “If you see any suspicious activity or individuals, please call 911.”

Governor Janet Mills expressed her concern and urged cooperation, stating, “I urge all people in the area to follow the direction of state and local enforcement. I will continue to monitor the situation and remain in close contact with public safety officials.” The incident has left the community reeling, and the search for answers, as well as the person responsible, continues.

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