Lee Sun-Kyun Child

The South Korean entertainment industry mourns the loss of acclaimed actor Lee Sun-Kyun, known for his role in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite.” The actor was discovered lifeless in his car in Seoul after an extensive police investigation into alleged drug use.

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The recent news surrounding actor Lee Sun Kyun has deeply impacted his family. In a swift response to the unfolding situation, his wife, Jeon Hye Jin, took decisive steps to safeguard their children from potential negative consequences.

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Lee Sun-Kyun Child Lee Ruk

In the face of reports on Lee Sun Kyun’s involvement in a drug scandal, Jeon Hye Jin, the actor’s wife, acted promptly to shield their children. Their first son, Lee Ruk, was already studying in the US when the news broke. Notably, their second son, Lee Run, made a hasty departure from Korea to study abroad following his father’s booking for drug charges.

An acquaintance of Jeon Hye Jin revealed that, as soon as news surfaced about Lee Sun Kyun’s drug use, her immediate priority was to ensure the well-being of their children. The first step taken was to arrange for Lee Run’s overseas studies, a decision rooted in a mother’s concern for her children’s welfare amidst challenging circumstances.

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Legal Troubles and Investigation

On October 24th, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Investigation team booked Lee Sun Kyun without detention for alleged drug offenses. The police suspect misuse of anesthetics, sleeping pills, and drugs like marijuana. With Lee Sun Kyun’s status now labeled as a ‘suspect,’ he is expected to be summoned for questioning.

To bolster their case, the police plan to request an examination of Lee Sun Kyun’s urine and hair from the National Forensic Service. Additionally, his cell phone will undergo a digital forensic investigation to secure evidence in the ongoing investigation.

The repercussions of the drug scandal have rippled into Lee Sun Kyun’s professional life. The actor voluntarily withdrew from the drama “No Way Out,” which was on the verge of filming. This decision, along with the looming crisis surrounding other projects such as “Project Silence” and “Land of Happiness,” adds an additional layer of uncertainty to Lee Sun Kyun’s career.

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