Jordan Smith is a name that soared to stardom following his journey on The Voice in 2015. Beyond the stage and the spotlight, many are curious about his personal life, particularly Kristen Denny who is Jordan Smith Wife. In this article, we delve into Kristen Denny age, net worth who is Jordan Smith’s wife.

Kristen Denny Age, Jordan Smith Wife

Jordan Smith is indeed married. He tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Kristen Denny, in June 2016. Both hailing from Kentucky, they share a deep connection that has withstood the challenges of Smith’s burgeoning music career. Kristen Denny, a steadfast source of support, accompanied him to the blind auditions and maintained a connection via Skype throughout Smith’s journey on The Voice. Jordan Smith was born to Kelley Smith and Geri Smith. Both of his parents are musicians, and it’s no surprise that their son inherited their musical genes.

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Kristen Denny Age and Net Worth

Kristen Denny is one of the most popular and richest Family Member who was born on December 5, 1993, in Kentucky, Kentucky, United States. Kristen Denny net worth is around $5 Million.

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The Triumph and Impact of His Music

Jordan Smith’s musical journey began at an early age, and he honed his remarkable vocal talent while singing in the House of Mercy congregational choir in his hometown of Wallins Creek, Kentucky. His voice, sharp and resonant, was a sign of the remarkable career that awaited him.

Jordan Smith‘s moment of glory came during the ninth season of The Voice, where his haunting rendition of Sia’s “Luster” during the blind auditions left all the coaches vying for his talent. Smith eventually chose to join Adam Levine’s team.

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Notably, his rendition of “Great is Thy Faithfulness” in the show’s second week, starting a cappella and ending with a piano, reached No. 1 on iTunes Store and made its way to the Billboard charts. In the final leg of the competition, his rendition of “Mary Did You Know” once again dominated the iTunes Store charts, clinching his victory. For this triumph, he received a prize of $100,000 and a recording contract with Republic Records.

Kristen Denny Net Worth

With his rise to fame, Jordan Smith’s net worth has seen significant growth. He is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 million, thanks in large part to his success on The Voice and the impact of his music on various platforms.

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Marriage and Advocacy for the LGBT Community

Jordan Smith’s personal life and advocacy for the LGBT community have garnered attention. Speculation about his sexuality had arisen even before his time on The Voice. Due to his appearance and vocal talent, some had assumed he was transgender. Smith has addressed this, noting that he has often been perceived as transgender because of his appearance.

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Jordan Smith, a staunch advocate for the LGBT community, released the song “Stand in the Light” on National Release Day in 2016. This song delivered a powerful message of support to those in the gay and lesbian community who may still be hesitant to come out.