Kennisandra Jeffries Religion, Wiki, Age And Net Worth

Hakeem Jeffries aged 50 above, is a well-known figure in American politics, but let’s not forget the important role of his wife, Kennisandra Jeffries. Kennisandra is a social worker who’s committed to helping people. Kennisandra Jeffries religion and faith are a big part of her life, as she’s a Christian. Kennisandra Jeffries net worth is estimated to be around $650,000, which shows how much she’s contributed through her social work. Let’s delve into the life and background of Kennisandra Jeffries, her religious beliefs, and her net worth.

Kennisandra Jeffries Wikipedia

Full NameKennisandra Jeffries
Birth YearApproximately 1970-1972
BirthplaceUnited States
AgeOver 50 years old
OccupationSocial Worker
SpouseHakeem Jeffries (American Politician and Attorney)
ChildrenTwo sons – Jeremiah Jeffries (Born in 2001) and Joshua Jeffries (Born in 2004)
ResidenceProspect Heights, Brooklyn, USA
Net WorthEstimated at $650,000 USD
Kennisandra Jeffries Wikipedia

Kennisandra Jeffries Religion

Kennisandra and Hakeem share not only their dedication to social work but also their faith. Both proudly identify as Christians. Their shared religious beliefs have undoubtedly been a source of strength and unity in their family.

Kennisandra Jeffries Age

Kennisandra’s birth year falls between 1970 and 1972, hails from the United States, making her age comfortably past 50. She shares a profound connection with her husband, Hakeem Jeffries, particularly in their commitment to social work.

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Hakeem’s attraction to Kennisandra was ignited by her love for social work, a passion that mirrored his own family’s involvement in this noble endeavour. Hakeem’s father, Marland Jeffries, served as a state substance abuse counselor, and his mother-in-law, Leneda Jeffries, was a social worker.

Life in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

The Jeffries family calls Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, their home. Here, they have built a life together, raising two sons, Jeremiah Jeffries and Joshua Jeffries. Jeremiah was born in 2001, and Joshua followed in 2004, bringing joy and fulfillment to Kennisandra and Hakeem’s lives.

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Kennisandra Jeffries Net Worth

While Kennisandra Jeffries is recognized primarily as the wife of the accomplished American politician Hakeem Jeffries, she, too, has made a substantial impact in her own right as a social worker. Her husband’s career in politics and law has propelled his net worth into the millions.

Hakeem’s significant income is a reflection of his successful career. As for Kennisandra, her estimated net worth is around $650,000 USD, an admirable sum earned through her tireless efforts in the field of social work. Her work with 1199 SEIU’s Benefit Fund has not only enriched her community but also contributed to her own financial well-being.


What is Kennisandra Jeffries’ religion?

Kennisandra Jeffries is a Christian. She practices the Christian faith.

How old is Kennisandra Jeffries?

Kennisandra’s exact birthdate is not disclosed, but she was born sometime around 1970-1972, making her over 50 years old.

What is Kennisandra Jeffries’ occupation?

Kennisandra is a social worker, dedicating her career to social work.

What is Kennisandra Jeffries’ estimated net worth?

Kennisandra Jeffries’ estimated net worth is around $650,000 USD.

Where does Kennisandra Jeffries and her family reside?

Kennisandra and her family live in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, USA.