In the world of New York City’s renowned restaurateur, Keith McNally, there is a significant figure who played an essential role in his life. Keith McNally wife, Lynn Wagenknecht, is a part of his personal life and his second wife Alina McNally has been his supporting partner. In this blog post, we will explore the personal life of Keith McNally first wife, Lynn Wagenknecht and McNally Second Wife Alina McNally, and their influence on the restaurants they created.

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Keith McNally Wife

NameKeith McNally
Lynn WagenknechtFirst Wife
Alina McNallySecond Wife

Keith McNally First Wife Lynn Wagenknecht

Lynn Wagenknecht, originally from the Midwest, embarked on her journey to New York City in 1978 after completing her MFA in Painting & Drawing at The University of Iowa. Her initial plan was to explore the city and potentially teach fine arts at a college. Lynn’s background in the arts would later contribute to the unique ambiance of the restaurants she and Keith would create.

The Journey Together

Lynn’s connection to the restaurant industry began when she took a job at “One Fifth Ave,” a chic downtown restaurant where she worked as a waitress. It was here that she first crossed paths with Keith McNally, who was gaining restaurant experience after his arrival in New York.

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Their quest for a suitable location led them to Towers Cafeteria, a space that would later become The Odeon. The vision was to create a place they would genuinely enjoy, one that didn’t yet exist in the city. The transformation of Towers Cafeteria into The Odeon marked the beginning of their culinary journey.

Influence on the Neighborhood

The Odeon’s location in what is now known as Tribeca was a crucial factor in its success. In the 1970s, the area was sparsely inhabited, with many artists using vacated manufacturing floors as ideal studio spaces. The large and open storefront of The Odeon, with its beautiful cast iron facade, appealed to them.

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The Odeon’s unique aesthetic is a blend of the original 1930s cafeteria’s design elements, including terrazzo floors, wood paneling, and globes, with periodic updates to enhance comfort and functionality.

The Divorce that Shaped Their Paths

In the mid-’90s, Keith McNally and Lynn Wagenknecht’s partnership took a significant turn when they decided to part ways in a divorce. This pivotal moment marked the end of their joint ventures, with Lynn taking over McNally’s stake in Odeon and Café Luxembourg.

McNally continued to open highly acclaimed establishments, notably Balthazar, while Lynn retained her connection to their previous ventures.

Keith McNally Second Wife

Keith McNally’s life took another turn when he entered his second marriage to Alina McNally. The support and companionship of his second wife likely influenced his culinary ventures and successes as well.


Who is Keith McNally wife?
Keith McNally’s wife is Lynn Wagenknecht.

What is Lynn Wagenknecht’s background?
Lynn Wagenknecht has a background in fine arts, having completed her MFA in Painting & Drawing.

How did Keith McNally and Lynn Wagenknecht meet?
Keith McNally and Lynn Wagenknecht met when she worked as a waitress at a chic downtown restaurant, “One Fifth Ave.”

Who is Keith McNally Second Wife?

Keith McNally Second Wife is Alina McNally.