Karen Ciernia is known as the second ex-wife of actor Richard Roundtree. She has led a relatively private life, with details about her personal and professional life being largely undisclosed. Karen, along with Richard Roundtree, was the parent of three children—Trevor, Richard Jr., and Tayler.

Karen Ciernia Richard Roundtree Second Wife

NameKaren M Ciernia
Marital StatusSecond Ex-Wife of Actor Richard Roundtree
ChildrenThree Children – Trevor, Richard Jr., and Tayler
MarriageMarried Richard Roundtree in 1980, Divorced in 1998
Public ProfileMaintains a Low Public Profile
Karen M Ciernia Wikipedia

Marriage to Richard Roundtree

Karen M. Ciernia’s journey into the spotlight is not widely documented, but it was in 1980 when she entered a significant chapter of her life by marrying the iconic actor, Richard Roundtree. Their marriage spanned eighteen years before ending in divorce in 1998. While not much is publicly known about the specifics of their initial encounter, the couple shared several years together as a family.

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Karen M Ciernia Richard Roundtree Kids

Richard’s first marriage to Mary Jane Grant in 1963 resulted in the birth of two children. Unfortunately, this union ended in divorce in 1973. Just after that, Roundtree dated actress and TV personality Cathy Lee Crosby before his second marriage with Karen M. Ciernia in 1980.

During his marriage with Karen M Ciernia, Richard Roundtree welcomed three children- Trevor, Richard Jr., and Tayler. Though the couple eventually divorced in 1998, Roundtree’s dedication as a father remained constant.

Life Post-Divorce

Following her divorce from Richard Roundtree, Karen M Ciernia has maintained a low profile, and her public activities and personal life remain largely undisclosed. The details of their separation and the reasons behind their divorce have not been extensively discussed by Roundtree in public.

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In a 1993 interview with Essence magazine, Roundtree did express his desire for a wife who possessed qualities of intelligence, supportiveness, and good motherhood, highlighting the importance of intellectual engagement in a relationship.

Karen M Ciernia’s story remains mostly hidden from the public eye, with her life and activities shrouded in privacy. Despite her low public profile, her role as the second wife of the renowned actor, Richard Roundtree, adds a layer of intrigue to her life story.

Richard Roundtree Death

Richard’s life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993, which led to a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. On October 24, 2023, at the age of 81, Richard Roundtree passed away after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.

Throughout his life, his love and commitment to his children were unwavering, leaving behind a legacy of both his cinematic achievements and his enduring role as a father.

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