Kalpana ISRO Associate Director

Another IITian in ISRO, after S Mohana Kumar, is Kalapana K who is gaining all the limelight and attention for serving the mission Chandrayaan 3.

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These are the famous IITian scientists who are at ISRO and also involved in the Chandrayaan -3 Mission

Kalpana ISRO Associate Director

Kalpana. K is an Indian scientist and aerospace engineer who is also an IIT Kharagpur alumni. She is currently working in the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

She joined India’s premier space agency, ISRO, in 2003.
She is involved in satellite projects, contributing to design, development, and testing.

Her problem-solving skills and innovative mindset set her apart. She is the woman behind the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

Kalpana ISRO Scientist

  • Kalpana K is the symbol of empowerment for women in a male-dominated field such as space science.
  • Not just that, she is also an inspiring role model for aspiring space scientists, especially young women.
  • With the success of Lunar Mission 2023, she left a lasting impact on breaking gender barriers.
  • She was promoted to lead the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) in 2010. Her involvement made the first interplanetary mission successful by entering Mars’ orbit in 2014 and gathering vital scientific data.

Kalpana ISRO Scientist Wiki, Bio

Full nameKalpana K
BirthMay 15, 1980, in Bangalore, India
Age43 years old as of 2023
Known forISRO Associate Director
Kalpana ISRO Wiki, Bio

Kalapana K was born on May 15, 1980, in Bangalore, India. She is 43 years old as of 2023. Since her childhood, she has been fascinated with space and the cosmos. She was nurtured by a curious and supportive family. And that is why she made it this far among the men-dominated nation.

Kalpana ISRO Education

She was an exceptional student, excelling in mathematics and science from the beginning.

She pursued a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Kalpana K is an IIT Kharagpur notable alumni. She is counted among the famous IITians at ISRO including the scientist S Mohana Kumar.

Kalpana ISRO Chandrayaan- 3

  • She continued her contributions to ambitious ISRO projects, lunar exploration, and satellite navigation.
  • She also championed collaborations with global space agencies.
  • Not just that, she also advocated for science education and mentored young scientists.
  • She left a mark on ISRO and the global space industry.

Honours and Recognition

She received the prestigious Padma Shri award from the Government of India.
She is featured in documentaries and books, spreading her influence.
Today, she is inspiring generations to pursue careers in space science and technology.