Who is Joey Preston Drummer?

Joey Preston Drummer is a notable figure in the world of film, known for their contributions to several classic movies. Their filmography includes roles in “No Leave, No Love” (1946), “Fiesta” (1947), and “Campus Sleuth” (1948). These films are not only a testament to their acting talent but also stand as enduring pieces of cinematic history, each offering a unique glimpse into the entertainment of its era.

8 year old drummer Joey Preston faces Gene Krupa, with Benny Goodman’s band. Recorded for the AFRS Jubilee at the NBC Hollywood studio, January 1946.

No Leave No Love

“No Leave, No Love,” a delightful romantic comedy released in 1946, boasts a talented ensemble cast that added charm and wit to this heartwarming wartime film. Led by the charismatic Van Johnson, the cast brought their characters to life in a story that blended humor, romance, and a touch of wartime sentimentality.

No Leave No Love Cast

Van JohnsonSergeant Michael Hanlon
Keenan WynnSlinky Edwards
Pat KirkwoodSusan Malby Duncan
Edward ArnoldHobart Canford ‘Popsie’ Stiles
Leon AmesColonel R.G. Elliott
Marie WilsonRosalind
Marina KoshetzCountess Elena Marina Strogoff
Selena RoyleMrs. Hanlon
Wilson WoodMr. Crawley
Vince BarnettBen
Guy Lombardo and his OrchestraThemselves
Frank Sugar Chile RobinsonThe boy on the piano
Lillian Yarbo (uncredited)Maid
No Love No Leave Cast