Jim Harbaugh Children

Jim Harbaugh, widely known for his exceptional career as a football coach and former quarterback, is equally recognized for his role as a devoted family man. This article delves into the various aspects of Jim Harbaugh’s family life, shedding light on his marriages, children, and the intricate web of relationships that define his personal world.

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Jim Harbaugh Family

Wife (Current)Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh
Ex-WifeMiah Harbaugh
Children (from Miah)Jay Harbaugh (son)
James Harbaugh (son)
Grace Harbaugh (daughter)
Children (from Sarah)Addison Harbaugh (daughter)
Katherine Harbaugh (daughter)
Jack Harbaugh (son)
John Harbaugh (son)
Jim Harbaugh Family

Jim Harbaugh Children

Jim Harbaugh’s family story unfolds through two marriages, each contributing to the formation of a remarkable legacy. His first marriage with Miah Harbaugh, lasting from 1996 to 2006, bore three children – Jay, James, and Grace. Notably, Jay Harbaugh has followed in his father’s footsteps, serving as the safeties/special teams coach at Michigan.

In 2008, Jim entered a new chapter of family life by marrying Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. Together, they welcomed four children into the world – Addison, Katherine, Jack, and John, each adding unique dimensions to the Harbaugh family tapestry.

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Jim Harbaugh Family Tree

The Harbaugh family’s football legacy extends beyond Jim’s illustrious career. His father, Jack Harbaugh, currently the Assistant head coach of the Michigan Wolverines, boasts a successful coaching journey with accolades such as an FCS championship and Coach of the Year award. Jacqueline M. Cipiti, Jim’s mother, played a pivotal role in establishing the family foundation.

Jim’s older brother, John Harbaugh, achieved Super Bowl success as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Joani Harbaugh, the sister, adds to the family’s sports connections, being married to former Georgia Bulldogs head coach Tom Crean.

Jim Harbaugh First Wife Miah Harbaugh

Jim’s first marriage to Miah Harbaugh spanned a decade, bringing three children into the world. After their separation in 2006, Jim’s path intersected with Sarah Feuerborn in Las Vegas. They exchanged vows on January 5, 2008, solidifying a partnership that has since flourished with the addition of four more children.

Miah Harbaugh, Jim’s ex-wife, played a significant role in the formative years of their three children – Jay, James, and Grace.

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Jim Harbaugh Daughters and Sons

Jim’s children from his second marriage form a diverse and dynamic group. Grace, Katherine, Addison, Jack, and John each contribute to the vibrant Harbaugh household. While specific details about the daughters’ lives are kept private, Jay Harbaugh’s role as a coach at Michigan and James Harbaugh’s academic pursuits at the University of Michigan add layers to the family narrative.

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Jim Harbaugh Net Worth

Beyond his roles as a coach and family man, Jim Harbaugh’s net worth stands at an estimated $35 million as of November 2023. His wealth, primarily derived from his football career, coaching roles, and brand deals, reflects a multifaceted individual who excels in both professional and personal spheres.

Jim Harbaugh’s journey is one that intertwines football excellence, familial bonds, and a commitment to shaping the future through his children. As he continues to lead the Michigan Wolverines and navigate the complexities of a busy coaching career, his legacy as a family man remains an integral part of the Jim Harbaugh story.

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