Jennifer Love Hewitt Recent Photos 2023- Jennifer Love Hewitt Today Photos

Jennifer Love Hewitt is opening up about the challenges of aging in the public eye and the social media backlash she faced after debuting a shorter haircut. The 44-year-old 9-1-1 star addressed the criticism on the “Inside of You” podcast, revealing that she felt she “can do no right” when it comes to how she looks.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Recent Photos 2023

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Today Photos

Jennifer Love Hewitt nose job

Responding to the negative reactions, Hewitt humorously posted more photos with “over-the-top, crazy” filters, attempting to poke fun at the situation. Yet, even this backfired, with critics suggesting she was merely defending herself.

When asked why she pays attention to negative comments, Hewitt candidly responded that pretending not to care would be a lie. She emphasized the difficulty of not caring about public opinion in Hollywood, acknowledging that fans tend to freeze celebrities in a certain image, making it challenging to change or age gracefully.

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 Jennifer Love Hewitt nose job

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Then and Now Photos

While defending herself, Hewitt also acknowledged the positive attention she receives, especially from those who have grown up with her. However, she admitted that negative comments still affect her, particularly because she is a mother to a young girl, Autumn.

The actress expressed concern about the dangerous messages society sends to women regarding their appearance. She challenged the notion that women can’t embrace their age, stating firmly, “Because I’m 44, and this is what I look like.”

Reflecting on her younger years, Hewitt shared her insecurities at 23, 24, and 25, feeling the pressure to be everything for everybody. She recalled being labeled as “sexy” at 17 on the cover of Maxim without fully understanding why, describing herself as insecure and confused during that time.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Then and Now Photos

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Jennifer Love Hewitt filter -Jennifer Love Hewitt 2023 images

Hewitt explained that she posted a selfie with a filter during a hair appointment because she “had not a stitch of makeup on.” However, the innocent decision sparked comments claiming she was “unrecognizable” and resorting to filters to hide her appearance in her 40s.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Hair

Jennifer Love Hewitt Maxim Cover

Jennifer Love Hewitt Maxim Cover

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s candid discussion sheds light on the struggles of navigating aging in the spotlight and the societal expectations placed on women in the entertainment industry.

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