Jayson Boebert Age, Net Worth, Spouse, Wikipedia- Lauren Boebert Ex- Husband

The unfolding drama involving Jayson Boebert, the ex-husband of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), has captured public attention due to a series of events, including their recent divorce announcement and an alleged physical altercation at a restaurant in Silt, Colorado.

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Jayson Boebert Age

Full NameJayson Boebert
EducationCollege of Southern Nevada
OccupationConsultant at Boebert Consulting
Jayson Boebert Net Worth (with Lauren)Approximately $500,000
Marriage to LaurenMarried for around 18 years
ChildrenFour children – Tyler, Brody, Kaydon, and Roman
ResidenceRifle, Colorado
Legal Troubles (2004)Pleaded guilty to public indecency and lewd exposure; sentenced to four years in jail and two years of probation
Jayson Boebert Wikipedia

Jayson Boebert Spouse Lauren Boebert

Lauren and Jayson Boebert’s marriage, which spanned nearly 18 years, recently came to an end with Lauren publicly announcing their divorce. Despite the longevity of their union, irreconcilable differences were cited as the reason for the separation.

Lauren, a prominent politician, revealed the news while expressing gratitude for their years together and emphasizing the need for privacy for their children as they navigate the divorce process.

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Background of Lauren and Jayson’s Relationship

The couple first crossed paths in 2003 when Lauren, then 16, was working at Burger King. They got married in June 2005 after overcoming challenges related to Lauren’s age and launched Shooters Grill, a gun-themed restaurant, in 2013.

Despite facing difficulties, including the closure of their restaurant in 2022, Lauren made history by becoming the first woman to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in 2020.

Lauren Boebert Children

The Boeberts share four children – Tyler, Brody, Kaydon, and Roman – and celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary during Lauren’s congressional campaign.

Alleged Altercation and Police Involvement

The controversy escalated when an alleged physical altercation occurred between Lauren and Jayson at a restaurant in Silt, Colorado. The incident reportedly began when Lauren came to Jayson’s house to pick up one of their children.

A heated confrontation ensued, with Jayson later calling the police and claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. However, no arrests were made, and Jayson later expressed regret, stating that he may have overreacted.

Lauren, in response, denied punching Jayson and vowed to consult with her lawyer regarding the false claims made against her.

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Jayson’s Perspective

In an interview, Jayson acknowledged his role in the incident, expressing regret for how he handled the situation. He admitted to overreacting and emphasized that he should have approached the matter more responsibly.

Despite the challenges in their relationship and the recent events, Jayson spoke of his admiration for Lauren, referring to her as the mother of his children and expressing remorse for not fostering a more positive dynamic in their marriage.

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