Javier Milei Wife And Relationship With Daniela

Javier Milei wife is a curious point for many. While Milei is not married, he has made headlines with his views on relationships. He once joked that if elected president, his sister would become the First Lady.

He was previously in a relationship with singer Daniela Mori and made public his relationship with actress Fátima Flórez in August 2023. Milei has openly discussed his personal life, including his involvement in alternative lifestyles like neotantra and his self-proclaimed capabilities in tantric practices.

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Massa Outpaces Milei in Argentina’s First-Round Presidential Election

In a surprising turn of events, Argentina’s Economy Minister Sergio Massa secured the top spot in the first round of the presidential election, defeating his right-wing populist rival, Javier Milei, despite the country grappling with soaring triple-digit inflation and increasing poverty under his watch. Massa received 36.7% of the vote, while Milei garnered 30%, setting the stage for a November runoff. Patricia Bullrich, the former Security Minister and a key figure in the centre-right opposition coalition came in third with 23.8%.

Javier Milei Family Background

Javier Milei comes from a working-class family in Palermo, Buenos Aires. His mother, Alicia, was a housewife, and his father, Norberto, started as a bus driver and later became a businessman in the transportation sector. The Milei family has Italian origins, and Javier spent his early years in the Villa Devoto neighbourhood.

Javier Gerardo Milei is an Argentine economist and politician known for his strong and often controversial views on various issues. Born on October 22, 1970, Milei has been involved in both economics and politics. He is the leader of La Libertad Avanza and has served as an Argentine national deputy for Buenos Aires City since December 2021.

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Early Life and Education

Milei attended Catholic schools and private universities during his academic years. He went to Cardenal Copello high school, where he gained the nickname “El Loco” due to his passionate and sometimes confrontational nature. In his late teens and early adulthood, he pursued a career as a goalkeeper for Chacarita Juniors until 1989. He shared that he had been estranged from his parents for a period, considering them as “dead” in his life. However, during his political campaign in 2021, he reconciled with both his father and mother.

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Controversial Views

Javier Milei is known for his strong and often divisive political positions, and his far-right stance on certain social issues has stirred controversy. His scepticism about COVID-19 vaccines, opposition to sex education in schools, and support for civilian firearm possession have all attracted attention. Additionally, his promotion of conspiracy theories and climate change denial further adds to his controversial image.

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