Let’s dive into the article for facts on the Indian actress Urvashi Rautela to find the answer to questions like, Is Urvashi Rautela IITian? Urvashi Rautela IIT JEE Rank.

Is Urvashi Rautela IITian?

So, the truth behind all the fuss and questions is that Urvashi Rautela is not an IITian though she appeared for the IIT JEE exam, but she couldn’t crack it. At the same time, she got diverted by the Miss Diva Universe, where she was a contestant. At the end of all this, she revealed that if she had not become an actor, she would have been an Aeronautical Engineer or an IAS officer.

Urvashi Rautela IIT JEE Rank

As aforementioned, Urvashi Rautela is not an IITian, and she couldn’t crack the IIT JEE rank, which makes it clear that she didn’t secure an IIT JEE rank worth getting into any of the prestigious IITs. Though the actor like Sushant Singh Rajput is an IITian and cleared the AIEEE exam. You can read in detail about Sushant Singh Rajput IIT JEE Rank here.

Is Urvashi Rautela Miss Universe

No, Urvashi Rautela was not a Miss Universe in the year 2015. Though she was a contestant from India. She assumed the title in her Instagram bio for popularity and attention, obviously. This is the same as her giving the IIT JEE exam and calling herself an IITian.

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Urvashi Rautela IIT College Name

Uravshi Ratels didn’t go into any of the 23 IITs which makes her a Non-IITian. So, it wouldn’t be good to add to rumours by adding her IIT college name, which she never attended.

Urvashi Rautela Qualification

Urvashi Rautela was born on 15 February 1994 in Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. She completed her early education at the DAV school in Kotwar, Uttarakhand. Later on, after completing her 12th grade, she attended Gargi College in New Delhi for her graduation. She also got training at the Film Institute in New York, and several other dance classes.


Did Urvashi clear IIT?

No, the indian actress Urvashi Rautela didn’t clear IIT JEE exam. Which makes her a Non-IITian.

Urvashi Rautela class 12 marks?

Urvashi Rautela scored a total of 97% in class 12. This marks her brilliance in academics. However, she didn’t clear the IIT JEE exam.

Which IIT did Urvashi Rautela study from?

Urvashi Rautela is not an IITian, nor did she attend any of the prestigious IITs.