Is Joyce DeWitt Still Alive?

Joyce DeWitt was born on April 23, 1949, in Wheeling, West Virginia, and as of 2022, she is 73 years old. She’s very much alive and well, continuing her journey in the entertainment industry and remaining active in her acting career.

Joyce DeWitt Age And Life

Date of BirthApril 23, 1949
Age73 years (as of 2022)
BirthplaceWheeling, West Virginia, USA
Marital StatusNever Married
Siblings7 (4 sisters, 3 brothers)
EducationBall State University and University of California
Height5’3″ (161 cm)
Weight114 pounds (52 kg)
Notable TV RoleJanet Wood in Three’s Company
Net WorthEstimated at $4 million
Is Joyce DeWitt Still Alive?

About her

Joyce DeWitt is very much alive and well, continuing her journey in the entertainment industry and remaining active in her acting career.

She began her love for the theatre at a young age.She pursued a theater degree at Ball State University and completed her master’s degree at the University of California in Los Angeles in 1974.

Joyce’s professional acting career took off in 1975 when she appeared in an episode of the renowned television series Baretta. The following year, she gained more recognition through her role as Cindy in the TV series Most Wanted.

The Three’s Company Era

But it was between 1976 and 1984 that Joyce DeWitt truly became a household name when she stepped into the shoes of Janet Wood in the television series Three’s Company. This popular show revolved around the humorous adventures and misunderstandings of three unmarried housemates sharing an apartment in Santa Monica. Joyce appeared in a total of 171 episodes.

Joyce Dewitt Net Worth

Joyce DeWitt’s net worth is estimated at $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In addition to her acting career, she’s known for her philanthropic efforts, frequently engaging in charity work and participating in various charitable events.

Was Joyce Dewitt Ever Married?

Joyce’s personal life has remained relatively private. She hasn’t been married. Neither does she has any children. However, she has maintained a close friendship with her Three’s Company co-star Suzanne Somers, who portrayed Chrissy Snow, Janet’s roommate on the show.

Legal Troubles

In 2009, Joyce DeWitt encountered a legal issue when she was arrested for drunk driving in El Segundo, California. The police stopped her after observing her erratic driving near park barricades. She was subjected to sobriety tests, leading to her arrest. As a consequence, she was placed on three years of probation, ordered to complete a nine-month alcohol rehabilitation program, and fined $510.

Joyce Dewitt Reaction To Suzanne Somers Death

Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt, both known for their roles in the hit sitcom “Three’s Company,” had a rocky relationship for over three decades due to a combination of financial disputes and personal tensions. The conflict arose when Somers demanded equal pay with John Ritter, causing the producers to write her off the show. This decision led to a strained atmosphere on set, and after Somers’ departure, she and DeWitt didn’t communicate for years.

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However, a turning point came in 2012 when DeWitt was invited to appear on Somers’ talk show, “Suzanne Somers Breaking Through.” In an emotional reunion, the two actresses discussed their feelings about the past. Somers expressed her overwhelming emotions, acknowledging that she might have upset her co-stars by pushing for more pay, while DeWitt saw the show as a gift that allowed people to share laughter and joy. Despite their differences, they recognized each other’s achievements, with DeWitt praising Somers for her immeasurable contributions to the entertainment industry. “Three’s Company” provided both actresses with a significant break in Hollywood, and their chemistry on the show remains a memorable part of television history.


Is Joyce DeWitt still alive?
Yes, she is still alive.

How much did Joyce DeWitt make on Three’s Company?
A: The article didn’t provide specific information about her earnings on the show.

What was Joyce DeWitt’s role in Three’s Company?
She played the character Janet Wood in the sitcom.

Did Joyce DeWitt face legal issues?
Yes, in 2009, she was arrested for drunk driving in California.

Is Joyce DeWitt married?
No, she has never been married.