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Josh Paul, a veteran State Department official with over a decade of service, recently made headlines when he decided to resign from his position. His resignation was driven by a profound policy disagreement with the Joe Biden administration, specifically regarding the continued supply of arms to Israel during its conflict with Hamas. In this article, we will explore “Is Josh Paul Jewish?”, his reasons for resigning, and the key points he raised in his resignation letter.

Joshua Paul State Department Wikipedia

Date Of Birth1978, New Jersey, USA
Age45 Years Old
ProfessionFormer Director
Net worthEstimated $1 Million
Joshua Paul State Department Wikipedia

Is Josh Paul Jewish

Josh Paul’s religious beliefs or affiliation are not known. Josh Paul had a remarkable career at the U.S. State Department, where he served as the director of congressional and public affairs for the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs for more than 11 years. This role involved managing diplomatic efforts related to arms transfers and political-military affairs, making him a key figure in shaping U.S. foreign policy in this domain.

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A ‘Policy Disagreement’

In October 2023, Josh Paul announced his resignation from the State Department. In his two-page resignation letter, which he shared on LinkedIn, he stated that his decision was rooted in a “policy disagreement.” Paul expressed his concern regarding the “continued — indeed, expanded and expedited — provision of lethal arms to Israel.”

Principled Stand for Justice and Equity

Paul’s resignation was not a hasty decision but a culmination of years of making “moral compromises.” He believed that the U.S.’s current approach of providing significant military support to Israel during the conflict was shortsighted, unjust, and contradictory to the values that the United States publicly espouses.

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While Paul acknowledged the horrific nature of the Hamas attack on Israel, he stressed that unquestioning support for one side in the conflict would ultimately lead to more suffering for both Israelis and Palestinians. He also expressed concerns about potential escalations by groups like Hezbollah or Iran.

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In his resignation letter, Paul made an effort to demonstrate his impartiality by mentioning his friendships with both Israelis and Palestinians, a study paper he had worked on concerning the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and his previous residence in Ramallah, a Palestinian city. His aim was to emphasize that his core beliefs were rooted in seeking justice and equality for all.

A Plea for a Better World

Paul concluded his resignation letter by expressing his core beliefs, which revolve around finding beauty everywhere in the world. His departure from the State Department represents a principled stand for a world that adheres to a rules-based order, advances equality and equity, and bends towards the promise of liberty and justice for all.

Josh Paul’s resignation from the State Department reflects the deep-seated convictions of a career diplomat who was no longer willing to compromise his principles.