The IITian Trader Saurabh Maurya is the CEO and Founder at Rankers JEE. Saurabh has become a successful startup entrepreneur and trader.

He is an IITian turned YouTuber who was raised from his roots in the past few years. Maurya is a popular name among budding learners of trading and the stock market on YouTube. He provides online stock market education in India on his YouTube channel. Read the article for more information on IITian Trader Saurabh Maurya.

Saurabh Maurya Biography

NameSaurabh Maurya
PlaceUttar Pradesh
Age23 as of 2023
EducationBTech at IIT BHU
Known asIITian trader
SiblingsTwo brothers
FounderCEO and Founder at Rankers JEE
YouTubeSaurabh Maurya YouTube
InstagramSaurabh Maurya Instagram
Saurabh Maurya

Saurabh Maurya Age

The IITian Trader, Saurabh Maurya is 23 years old (as of 2023).

Saurabh Maurya Early Life

He hails from a small village named Rasikpur in Uttar Pradesh. He came from a poor background. Back then, his father had a watch repair shop. That was all they had to make both hands meet. He finished his primary schooling at a modest private school which was located 4 kilometres from his home. From an early age, Saurabh never showed much interest in academics. Instead, he wanted to open his own computer store. His two brothers cracked the JEE exam on their first attempt and but it took a second attempt for Saurabh to crack the IIT exam.

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Saurabh Maurya IIT BHU

Saurabh cracked the IIT entrance exam and completed his engineering degree in the year 2022. He completed his engineering BTech degree from the prestigious IIT(BHU) Varanasi.

Saurabh Maurya IIT Rank

Saurabh Maurya

IITian Trader Murya cracked the IIT JEE exam and also got a seat in one of the prestigious institutions of India that is IIT> However, Saurabh Maurya IIT Rank is not been revealed by him publically. Also, IIT rank is not a question when he is making his own fate with his hard work and skills.

Saurabh Marya Startups

He started two startups, Ranker’s Consultancy and Rankers Education during the COVID-19 epidemic. Rankers’ Education was a provider of education for the preparation of engineering and medical entrance exams like IIT JEE and NEET. While Ranker’s Consultancy was a provider of loan and consultancy services for education.

The business IITian trader provides the top online stock market education in India. It is the parent company of Saurabh Maurya.

IITian Trader Saurabh Maurya YouTube

Currently, Saurabh has 5.54 lakh subscribers on YouTube. He is popularly called as IITian Trader Saurabh Maurya. He joined YouTube in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic in the year 2021. He utilised those years to upskill his skills in trading and setting up his business. He has a valuation of more than 22 crores.

Saurabh Maurya Net Worth

Saurabh Maurya has a valuation of more than 22 crores. His earnings are more than 2 crores per annum.


Saurabh Maurya is an IITian Trader who is also a founder of Rankers.

Saurabh Maurya has a valuation of more than 22 crores. His earnings are more than 2 crores per annum.

Saurabh Maurya is 23 years old as of 2023.

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