IIT Roorkee Virtual Labs

IIT Roorkee, in partnership with the Department of Technical Education Uttarakhand and the National Mission on Education through ICT, recently organized a Training Program on Virtual Labs. IIT Roorkee Virtual Labs event was specifically designed for faculty members from Polytechnic Institutes in Uttarakhand, aiming to introduce them to the advantages of Virtual Labs, which offer simulation-based experiments to facilitate the teaching of diverse scientific and engineering concepts.

Virtual Labs

Virtual Lab is a project by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, to make learning better for science and engineering students. They want to improve how students learn practical things in India. In some special schools, they have really cool labs. These labs are turned into virtual labs on the internet. That means students can use these labs online whenever they want. They can do experiments at a time that works for them, and they can do them over and over if they need to. Plus, they get clear instructions and explanations for each experiment to help them learn better. It’s like having a science lab on your computer!

IIT Roorkee Virtual Labs’ workshop witnessed participation from faculty members representing Polytechnic Institutes in Uttarakhand. Distinguished dignitaries, including Prof. Umesh K Sharma (Acting Director of IIT Roorkee), Sh. R P Gupta (Director, Department of Technical Education Uttarakhand), Sh. Desh Raj (Additional Director, Department of Technical Education Uttarakhand), Prof. Bhavesh Bhalja (Head of Electrical Engineering Department), and Prof. R S Anand (Principal Institute Coordinator of Virtual Labs at IIT Roorkee), graced the occasion.

Distinguished Dignitaries

The workshop was graced by the presence of eminent personalities, including:

Prof. Umesh K Sharma (Acting Director, IIT Roorkee): Prof. Sharma emphasized the role of Virtual Labs in capacity building and skill development for educators, underlining their significance in meeting industry demands.

Sh. R P Gupta (Director, Department of Technical Education Uttarakhand): Mr. Gupta expressed gratitude to IIT Roorkee for organizing the workshop and highlighted the project’s mission to provide access to simulation-based labs.

Sh. Desh Raj (Additional Director, Department of Technical Education Uttarakhand): Mr. Raj praised the accessibility and ease of use of Virtual Labs, making them an invaluable resource.

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Key Highlights of IIT Roorkee Virtual Labs News

The workshop was marked by several noteworthy moments, including:

Interactive Sessions: Faculty members engaged in interactive sessions led by the Virtual Lab outreach team, exploring a range of experiments across disciplines.

Training Methodologies: The development team discussed training methodologies for students, emphasizing development boot camps and internships.

Coding Insights: The coding team provided insights into front-end and back-end coding for Virtual Lab web pages, fostering innovative learning environments.

Vision of IIT Roorkee Virtual Labs

Prof. R S Anand, Principal Institute Coordinator of Virtual Lab at IIT Roorkee, articulated the mission of the Virtual Labs project. It aims to elevate laboratory standards and practical training in engineering and science disciplines across India, promising to revolutionize virtual laboratories for educators and students alike in the digital age.

The event concluded with Prof. R S Anand reiterating the Virtual Labs project’s mission to elevate laboratory standards and practical training in engineering and science disciplines across India. It promises to revolutionize virtual laboratories, ushering in a new era of enhanced education for both educators and students in the digital age.