Read the details on IIT Kharagpur MBBS Admission 2023, Fees, Eligibility, Courses.

But recently, IIT Kharagpur has taken a step forward towards introducing MBBS courses at IIT. Read the article below for full details on IIT Kharagpur MBBS Admission 2023, Fees, Eligibility, and Courses 2023.

IIT Kharagpur MBBS Admission 2023 – 24

InstituteIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur)
Conducted under B C Roy Institute of Medical Science and Technology
Course LevelUndergraduate
Duration5 years
Admission date2024
FeesNot announced yet
No. of seats100

IIT Kharagpur has recently launched MBBS Degree Course in Accordance with NEP(National Education Policy) 2020.

The IIT Kharagpur MBBS course will be under the IIT Kharagpur’s B C Roy Institute of Medical Science and Technology.

It is obvious to say that the IIT Kharagpur MBBS Admission 2023 process will be highly competitive, as it is the first ever course of its kind. The admission process will adhere to stringent criteria to ensure the enrollment of only the most deserving candidates.

A total of 100 seats will be provided for MBBS course.

The entrance exam and admission procedure are yet to be announced for admission to the MBBS program at IIT Kharagpur.

Aspiring medical students from across the nation will have the opportunity to apply and pursue their dreams at this renowned institution.

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IIT Kharagpur MBBS News

IIT Kharagpur

IITs are known for the excellence and quality of education they provide in the field of engineering. But as the times are changing IITs are also in a run to upgrade their curricula and courses. As IIT Madras and IIT Delhi introduced their abroad campus in Zanzibar and Abu Dhabi respectively, IIT Kharagpur has also stolen the limelight with its MBBS courses in News.

IIT Kharagpur MBBS News: In a groundbreaking move in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has disclosed plans to launch an MBBS degree course.

IIT Kharagpur Director, VK Tewari, announced during a press conference, highlighting the institute’s commitment to embracing the transformative education policy.

“IIT-Kharagpur is now adding a new dimension by starting the MBBS programme at the BC Roy Institute of Medical Science and Technology,” director VK Tewari said. 

With the revamp of its curriculum for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, IIT Kharagpur aims to revolutionize the traditional educational landscape by expanding its courses in the medical field.

The decision to introduce MBBS courses at IIT Kharagpur is a significant step towards integrating multidisciplinary research in science, technology, management, and law, as mandated by the NEP 2020.

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IIT Kharagpur MBBS Courses

IIT Kharagpur MBBS courses will be designed to provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to medical education.

As the institute is the pioneer of excellence, its MBBS course will also leverage the institute’s rich expertise.

The MBBS courses are yet to be announced by the institutions.

IIT Kharagpur MBBS Fees

IIT Kharagpur MBBS Fees: While specific details regarding the fee structure are yet to be disclosed, students can stay ensured that the fees for the MBBS program will remain reasonable and accessible to deserving students.

IIT Kharagpur MBBS fees are yet to be shared by the officials.

IIT Kharagpur Introduces Joint B.Tech and M.Tech Degree

Along with taking a step towards adding IIT Kharagpur MBBS admission 2023, the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has also introduced an academic transformation by introducing a joint B. Tech and M.Tech degree courses, along with a range of interdisciplinary dual-degree programs.

This step was officially announced by the institute’s Director, VK Tewari, aiming to revolutionize the educational landscape and provide students with enhanced learning opportunities.

Joint B.Tech and M.Tech Degree Course

IIT Kharagpur’s new joint B. Tech and M.Tech degree course is set to redefine the traditional academic pathway for engineering students.

This joint program will enable students to pursue their B.Tech and M.Tech degrees in an integrated manner, with a progression between undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

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Broadened Choice of Electives

As part of its academic overhaul, IIT Kharagpur has also expanded the choice of electives in both undergraduate and postgraduate curriculums.

This expansion enables students to explore a wider array of subjects, including interdisciplinary areas, aligning with the institute’s commitment to promoting holistic learning experiences.

The move empowers students to tailor their educational journey according to their interests and career aspirations.

Director VK Tewari emphasized the institute’s dedication to empowering students with the skills and knowledge required to tackle real-world challenges effectively. The introduction of joint B. Tech and M.Tech degree courses and the incorporation of dual-degree programs mark a significant leap forward in IIT Kharagpur’s pursuit of academic excellence and innovation.

Extension of Internship

Also, the UG program which had 8 weeks internship, has now been extended to 8 months of industry internship.

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What are IIT Kharagpur MBBS fees?

The fee for the MBBS course at IIT Kharagpur would be low and reasonable for all. No fee structure has been announced yet by IIT Kharagpur.

When will IIT Kharagpur MBBS admission start?

IIT Kharagpur MBBS admission will be commenced soon as soon as the institute releases the admission notification. No date has been announced yet.

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