IIT Dubai Admission

Read the article for IIT Dubai Admission, Courses, Fees, Opening Date, and News. The second offshore campus of IIT, IIT Dubai is all set to come into existence in the year 2024.

The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, in the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi will be soon commencing the admission session for its first-ever batch, in September 2024.

IIT Dubai is one of the offshore campuses outside India that is to be set up by IIT Delhi. Alongside, IIT Tanzania, IIT Sri Lanks and Nepal are to be set by IIT Madras and IIT Kharagpur is also in the queue to set its foot forth forward in Malaysia.

According to the Ministry of Education, IIT Delhi is coming up with a new curriculum which will be initiated for the IIT UAE campus as well.

IIT Dubai Campus

IIT Dubai

IIT Dubai Opening Dates

As a part of the India-UAE deal signed on February 18, IIT Dubai is going to introduce its curriculum, and academic calendar soon.

IIT Dubai Admission

IIT Abu Dhabi admission will be started anytime soon next year. The academic session, admission and commencement of the course at IIT Dubai, Abu Dhabi will be started within one year. Students who are looking forward to taking admission to these institutes should keep themselves updated with IIT Abu Dhabi admission, courses and news.

IIT Dubai Courses

With the commencement of IIT Abu Dhabi admission, IIT courses will also be updated soon. IIT Dubai is going to be mentored by IIT Delhi. It would be a hectic task to commence several courses initially, so it would offer a few academic programmes but eventually, it will have all the academic programmes like undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD courses like IIT Delhi. IIT Zanzibar, Tanzania has commenced its courses for the 2023 session already. IIT Zanzibar is mentored by IIT Madras.

IIT Zanzibar campus will have its first-ever woman director-in-chief Preeti Aghalayam.

IIT – Dubai Job Opportunities

The brand name, IIT is going overseas which assures a good opportunity for students in terms of jobs and recruitment. As one of the premier institutions for technical education in India, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) offer a wide range of job opportunities and attract major recruitments across various sectors.

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is a prestigious network of technical education institutions in India renowned for their academic excellence and rigorous curriculum. The way Indian IITs have set an example of excellence IIT Dubai, UAE, and IIT Tanzania, Zanzibar also aims to excel in excellence and quality.