How to Join IIT Madras without JEE

How to Join IIT Madras without JEE: Lakhs of students write the engineering entrance exam, IIT JEE, but only a few thousand make it to the IITs or NITs. What about the rest who fail to secure a seat by just a few mark differences?

There is good news for aspiring students who truly have a lure for securing education from IIT Madras. The institution has made education accessible for all students without having to clear the JEE exam. Read the article to get into details on how to Join IIT Madras without JEE.

For countless aspiring engineers in India, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have long represented the pinnacle of academic excellence and career prospects. The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) has traditionally been the gateway for admission into these prestigious institutions. But, now with changing times, IIT Madras has set its foot forward to bring an online course in BSc in data science for students without going through JEE exam.

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However, this is the second online BS program at IIT Madras following their flagship BS degree in Data Science and Applications. Now marks won’t define your limits.

IIT Madras without JEE Online Course

IIT Madras, the country’s premier engineering institute, has started a new four-year online programme in BSc in data science. The course will enrol students interested in BSc in data science without JEE exam.

The course was launched by Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Monday. Interestingly, this course does not require candidates to clear the engineering entrance exam JEE.

The course is being offered in three different stages – the foundational programme, the diploma programme and the degree programme

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How to Join IIT Madras without JEE’

Students can apply for IIT Madras 4-year BS course as soon as the application process will be opened soon at

IIT Madras without JEE- Online Course Fees

From every side, there are just perks and pros of the course offered by IIT Madras. The online course has been designed to be affordable for students of all economic backgrounds.

Furthermore, additional scholarships will also be provided to students belonging to SC/ST/PwD categories and those with family incomes of less than Rs 5 lakh per annum.

IIT Madras without JEE- Eligibility

Education Qualification: Students must have completed class 12th and possess Class 10-level or above having maths skills can enrol directly in the course.

Age Limit: There is no age bar for interested candidates.

Entrance test: There is no requirement for JEE score to be eligible for enrolling in IIT Madras online course.

  • Instead, students are required to apply for an in-built four-week qualifier process.
  • Those who apply will be provided access to four weeks(one month) of courses by IIT Madras faculty.
  • After one month a qualifier exam will be held that will determine the students who can continue the course.

Number of seats: In a competitive world where the ratio of competitors to seats is never justifiable, the IIT Madras online course has put no seat limit. This means all candidates who obtain the minimum required score in the qualifier exam can continue with the program. 

Nationality: The students can be based anywhere but the exam centres are currently restricted to India, UAE, and Sri Lanka.

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