Exceptions are everywhere! Whether you talk about IITs, IIMs, or UPSC, there is no path that guarantees success or say employment. With the expanding awareness and the number of unemployed students around, the question arises, How many IITians are unemployed despite the IIT tag?

IITs are known as the prestigious institutions of the country which produce some of the best brains in the country, but not all. IITs are preferred as the first choice by any engineering students as they offer placement and good packages, but the exceptions hover everywhere. This brings us to another question, are all IITians Successful? Well, the answer resides somewhere in the depths.

Let’s talk about How Many IITians Are Unemployed Despite The IIT Tag. And the reasons that keep them unemployed, to unravel the truth beyond the figures.

There is never one reason that defines the crew, instead, the reason varies individually. Sometimes it’s a choice, and sometimes it’s the situation that makes one stand at a questionable place. Starting with the question, Does IIT Give 100% Placement?

Does IIT Give 100% Placement?

The claim that Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) provide “100% placements” is a commonly held belief, but it’s not entirely accurate. IITs do not guarantee 100% placements. It’s a student’s skills and talent that guarantee placement, not the institute. Even if IITs provide employment at one stage just because you have an IIT tag, you will be hanged on the next step if you don’t have relevant skills or talent.

So, hard work and talent guarantees 100% employment and not the IITs.

How Many IITians Are Unemployed

Around 15-20% of IITis are unemployed for several reasons. It could be their poor score at the IITs, their lack of skills, situational falls, or their willingness (if someone is looking for better options rather than settling for job placement at the IITs).

It’s true that a significant percentage of IITians secure placements during campus recruitment drives. But it is never 100%. The overall placement rate across IITs hovers between 80-95%. This figure varies from institute to institute, and from one branch to another.

Coming to the reasons why IITians are unemployed

The quality of jobs offered to IITs is not always fulfilling. While IITs packages have an illustrious history, the ground reality is not as rosy as it may seem. Sometimes the IIT placements don’t offer fulfilling careers or salaries commensurate with the level of education and skill possessed by the graduates, which makes them step back instead of settling.

And this makes them carve their own path in their field of interest. However, there are many IITians who end up taking jobs that do not match their aspirations and struggle forever.

Another reason could be one’s interest in another field. A significant number of IIT graduates choose entrepreneurship or further studies over traditional employment. Engineering is a field where no aspirant is confined to a specific path. Engineers have explored and excelled in almost every realm by going through a conventional career path. There are:

Looking at the options, one may feel compelled and driven by his interest and can choose not to pick a job offered by the IITs. While this isn’t unemployment, it indicates that not all IITians are opting for conventional careers.

Factors Contributing to Unemployment

Several factors contribute to the unemployment or underemployment of IIT graduates:

Because of the standards of IITs, the students studying at the IITs have sky-high expectations regarding their first job and package, which often end up in disappointment when they can’t secure their dream position.

It’s true that IIT excels in technical education, but what you build is up to you. If a student misses on building his soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability then it contributes to unemployment.

Facts About IIT Placements

The Branch Difference: It’s an undeniable reality that the engineering branch can decide a student’s future. Students specializing in Computer Science (CS), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), and Electrical Engineering (EE) enjoy the most promising prospects when it comes to securing relevant industry jobs.

Because of meeting the demands of the job market, these branches are preferred over others to keep the option of unemployment at bay.

Another stark reality is that Computer Science (CS) graduates command the highest salary packages among IITians. The tech-driven industries reward CS graduates over other branches.

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Levelling up your skills and scores while you’re at IIT can save you from unemployment if you want to grab a secure placement then these two could help you better.