Hough Siblings– Derek Hough Sisters Ages And Introduction

The Hough family is not your typical family, especially when it comes to talent. Derek and Julianne Hough, the dancing brother and sister, have not only become household names but have also brought their family into the limelight due to their immense success in the entertainment industry. However, the talent doesn’t stop with Derek and Julianne; their other siblings are also making waves in their respective fields.

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The Hough sibling’s story is not complete without acknowledging the step-siblings who joined the clan after Marriann Hough, Derek and Julianne’s mother, remarried Aaron Nelson.

Sharee Hough: Entrepreneur and Dancer

Sharee Hough, the oldest of the Hough siblings, is not just an entrepreneur but also a dancer. She ventured into the world of professional dance, even sharing the screen with her sister Julianne in the film remake of “Footloose.” Today, Sharee is not only a mother of six but also the founder of Houghwerks, an online fitness program offering yoga, dance, and strength-training classes.

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Marabeth Hough: Realtor, Health Coach, and Singer

Marabeth Hough, a realtor based in Tennessee, is a force to be reckoned with. Beyond her success in real estate, she is a certified health coach and a singer/songwriter. Marabeth’s versatility extends to winning the Dancing with the Nashville Stars competition in 2016, showcasing that the Hough family’s talent spans various domains.

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Katherine Hough: Esthetician and Brave Mother

Katherine Hough, the middle child, has found success as an esthetician. Her journey has been marked by personal challenges, including the loss of her partner, Tony Schnur, to glioblastoma. Despite the grief, Katherine continues to inspire with her strength and resilience, supported by her family and the memories of her loved ones.

Derek and Julianne Hough: Dancing Icons

Julianne Hough, the youngest among the Hough siblings, has etched her name in the entertainment world as a dynamic dancer, actress, and singer. Renowned for her triumphs on “Dancing with the Stars,” where she clinched two mirror ball trophies, Julianne seamlessly transitioned into acting with notable roles in films like “Footloose” and “Safe Haven.” Her musical pursuits, including a self-titled debut album, showcase a versatile artist.

Derek and Julianne Hough, the dancing sensations, need no introduction. Both have made significant contributions to the world of dance, starring in shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and live TV adaptations of Broadway musicals. Despite their three-year age gap, their similar appearances and successful careers have led many to mistake them for twins.

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