Gen David Petraeus Family is a true embodiment of dedication to their country. From the distinguished military career of David Petraeus to the service of Gen David Petraeus wife Holly Petraeus and their children Anne and Stephen, the Petraeus family has a legacy of commitment to the United States. In this article, we explore the lives of Holly, Anne, and Stephen, shedding light on their roles in shaping the Petraeus family’s legacy.

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Gen David Petraeus Wife, Daughter And Son

Family MemberRole
David PetraeusRetired Army General
Holly PetraeusWife
Anne PetraeusDaughter
Stephen PetraeusSon (Wife: Roxanne Elizabeth Brason)
Gen David Petraeus Family

Holly Petraeus David Petraeus Wife

Holly Petraeus, the wife of David Petraeus, has a family history steeped in military tradition. Her great-great-grandfather served in the Civil War and the Indian Wars, while her great-grandfather, a brigadier general, distinguished himself in both the Spanish–American War and World War I.

Continuing the legacy, her grandfather played his part in both World Wars, earning a Silver Star in the first and rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the second.

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Her father, William A. Knowlton, is a retired four-star general, former NATO commander, and also held the position of Superintendent of the United States Military Academy.

In 1974, Holly married David Petraeus, marking the beginning of their life together. They have a daughter and a son and call the Washington, D.C. area their home.

Anne Petraeus David Petraeus Daughter

Anne Petraeus is the daughter of the former CIA Director, David Petraeus. With her father’s illustrious career in military service, including his role as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Anne grew up with a unique perspective on global affairs and national security. While her own life may not have followed the path of military service, her family’s commitment to serving their country has undoubtedly influenced her worldview.

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Stephen Petraeus David Petraeus Son

Stephen Petraeus, the son of Army Gen. David Petraeus, is another member of the Petraeus family who chose a career in the military. Stephen Howell Petraeus married Roxanne Elizabeth Brason on April 6 in Cambridge, Mass.

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After completing his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stephen received his commission into the Army in 2009. His father, David Petraeus, had the honour of administering the oath of office during Stephen’s commissioning ceremony. Stephen went on to serve as an officer in Afghanistan, where he was a part of the 3rd Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team.

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