Hen Party Amsterdam Dad Daughter Video

A surprising and disturbing voice note recounting a hen party gone awry sparked an investigation into the shocking claims, leaving people around the world horrified after it circulated on social media.

The story revolves around a conversation between two female friends in the UK, detailing the sordid incident of a woman accidentally engaging in a sexual act with her own father while on a hen’s party in Amsterdam.

Dad And Daughter Amsterdam Video

Reportedly, the two family members were on separate trips visiting the tourist destination and unknowingly ended up in a sex club attraction that takes place behind a screen.

The bizarre incident quickly captured the attention of the internet, eventually drawing an investigative journalist from Vice, Jordan Mayers, who aimed to uncover whether this “hard-to-believe” story was genuine.

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Mayers contacted four venues in Amsterdam’s red-light district that offered services where attendees could receive intimate acts from strangers without seeing their identity. As per the story, the father and daughter could supposedly “push a button” to reveal the performer’s identity, which led Mayers to a single venue.

In a video posted on Vice’s TikTok, Mayers is seen asking the sex club staff, “Is there a button you can press to see the person on the other side [of the partition]?” To this, an employee at the club responded with a clear “No.”

With just one word, the shocking story of a woman inadvertently engaging in a sexual act with her father was debunked. Some skeptics believed the story might still hold some truth, but the majority expressed relief that the distressing tale had been disproven, as it had left them feeling disturbed.

Several individuals thanked Vice for clearing up the matter, while some were surprised that such drastic measures were necessary to address the viral story. However, many acknowledged that the story, whether true or not, had captured the internet’s fascination.

Prior to being debunked as a false tale, social media users flooded TikTok with reactions, with many pleading for the father and daughter to reveal themselves.

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This peculiar story left many with a feeling that they’d had enough social media for one day.