Behind every great man, there’s a great woman, and in the case of football legend Dick Butkus, that great woman was his wife, Helen Essenberg. Helen Essenberg, Dick Butkus Wife Was his right arm who stayed by his side till the end of his unfortunate death on 5th October 2023. The world knew Dick on the football field, and Helen as a wife and a supporter in his life and the family. They have three children together: Ricky, Matt, and Nikki.

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Helen Essenberg, Dick Butkus Wife Was His Right Arm

NameHelen Essenberg
HusbandMarried to Dick Butkus
ChildrenThree – Ricky, Matt Butkus, Nikki
ContributionsSupportive Wife and Mother

Dick and Helen’s Love Story

Dick and Helen’s love story began during their high school years when they started dating. Their connection only grew stronger when they continued their education at the University of Illinois. In 1963, they got married to each other and became husband and wife.

Dick and Helen are blessed with three children: Ricky, Matt, and Nikki. Helen was not just a loving mother, but also the pillar of strength that held their family together. While Dick pursued his football career and other ventures, Helen ensured their home was filled with love and stability.

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Dick Butkus Career

Dick’s football career with the Chicago Bears was marked by accolades, Pro Bowl appearances, and a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Throughout it all, Helen was his steadfast supporter, attending games and cheering him on. She was the quiet force behind his success, providing support.

Dick’s fame often thrust him into the spotlight, Helen chose to remain in the background, prioritizing her family’s well-being. Her dedication to being a devoted mother and wife was evident in every aspect of their family life.

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Dick Butkus Death

The world bid farewell to Dick Butkus in October 2023, but the legacy of love and family they built endures. Helen Essenberg’s role as Dick’s right arm and the heart of their family serves as a beautiful example of a strong partnership and enduring love. Her contributions, though often behind the scenes, were invaluable and remind us that greatness is often a result of the support and love we receive from those closest to us.

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Who are Dick Butkus and Helen Essenberg’s children?

Dick and Helen had three children: two sons named Ricky and Matt, and a daughter named Nikki.

What was the secret to Dick and Helen’s enduring marriage?

The secret to their enduring marriage was their deep love, commitment to family, and unwavering support for each other’s endeavors.

When did Dick Butkus pass away?

Dick Butkus passed away on October 5, 2023, at the age of 80.

What legacy did Dick Butkus leave behind for his family?

Dick Butkus left behind a legacy of football greatness, family values, and an enduring love story that continues to inspire others.

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