Jason Carter Maui Obituary

Jason Carter of Haiku, Hawaii, tragically passed away on the weekend of a shark encounter while pursuing his passion for surfing in Paia Bay. At 39 years old, Jason, an accomplished outdoorsman who had previously worked seasons at ski resorts in Oregon and Colorado, succumbed to injuries despite the efforts of first responders.

His love for adventure and the natural world defined his life, leaving an indelible mark on those who knew him. As friends and family grieve the loss of this vibrant soul, the Maui community and beyond remember Jason for his adventurous spirit and love for the ocean.

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Jason Carter Maui Wikipedia

NameJason Carter
ResidenceHaiku, Hawaii
OccupationOutdoorsman, Previous work at ski resorts
PassionsSurfing, Skiing, Outdoor Adventures
Tragedy DateWeekend (Exact Date Not Specified)
Incident LocationPaia Bay, Maui, Hawaii
Jason Carter Maui Wikipedia

Jason Carter Maui Hawaii

In a devastating incident off the shores of Paia Bay in Hawaii, 39-year-old Jason Carter, a resident of Haiku, lost his life in a “shark encounter” over the weekend. The Maui Police Department reported that Carter was pulled from the water on Saturday morning and brought to shore by Ocean Safety Officers. Despite immediate lifesaving measures performed on the beach and subsequent transportation to Maui Memorial Medical Center, Carter succumbed to his injuries. Also Read: Glynis Johns Net Worth 2024 At The Time Of Her Death And Her Death Cause

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Shark Attack Maui

The exact nature of Carter’s injuries remains undisclosed, and an investigation into the incident, categorized as a “miscellaneous type incident,” is underway. Authorities have not clarified the specifics of the shark encounter, and the Maui Police Department is actively conducting the investigation.

The tragic event prompted the closure of Baldwin Beach Park and Baby Beach in the vicinity, with shark warning signs placed along the beaches as a precaution.

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Jason Carter Tributes

Before residing in Hawaii, Carter had spent several seasons working at ski resorts in Oregon and Colorado, showcasing his love for the outdoors. Friends took to social media to mourn the loss of an accomplished outdoorsman, remembering him fondly for his adventurous spirit. Carter’s Facebook profile revealed his passion for both surfing and skiing, reflecting a life deeply connected to nature.

Jason Carter obituary

The Maui Police Department expressed condolences to Carter’s family and friends, acknowledging the grief that accompanies such a tragic loss. As the investigation progresses, authorities are yet to provide specific details about the type of shark involved or the circumstances leading to the encounter. A standard autopsy has been scheduled to shed light on the incident further.

Jason Carter’s untimely death serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of the ocean and the inherent risks that come with engaging in water activities, even in idyllic locations like Hawaii.

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