Haley Meadows Mark Meadows Daughter

Haley Kocher, born in 1993, is a 27-year-old American woman known for her family ties and her recent wedding. She is the daughter of Mark Meadows, a prominent American politician who served as the White House chief of staff. Her mother is Debbie Meadows, and she has a brother named Blake Meadows.

Haley Meadows Husband Ian Kocher

Haley met her future husband, Ian Kocher, in December 2017 through the dating app Hinge. Their relationship quickly deepened, with Ian even joining her family for a Christmas Eve religious service and dinner.

The couple began pre-engagement counseling in January 2019, and in July 2020, during a fishing trip in North Carolina, Ian proposed, marking the start of their forever together.

On May 31, 2020, Haley and Ian tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony at the Biltmore Ballroom in Atlanta. However, their wedding stirred controversy as it violated city guidelines on gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the controversy, their wedding was a grand affair with 11 bridesmaids and eight groomsmen in attendance, and even Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio was present.

Haley’s husband, Ian Kocher, is an advocate for the Libertarian Party and works as a technician for the telecom company Intelset General Corporation.

Education and Career

Haley graduated from Lee University with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in 2015. She embarked on her career as an intern at Representative Mark Meadows from January 2013 to August 2013.

Currently, Haley works as an Executive Benefits Consultant at Aon, a role she has held since June 2015. In addition to her corporate job, she is also the owner of a wedding planning company called “Today and Forever Events,” which specializes in wedding coordinating and planning services in the greater Atlanta area.

A remarkable anecdote from Haley’s childhood reveals her passion for paleontology. At just nine years old, she uncovered the claws of a rare Ultrasaurus variety, a 100-foot Sauropod, during a dig organized by Dragon’s Den. This early encounter with paleontology highlights her diverse interests and talents.