Hakeem Jeffries Parents

Hakeem Jeffries parents, father And mother, played a huge role in shaping his roots. The father and mother of Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Marland, and Laneda are the pillars of his life. While their name might not be famous, their influence on his family is immense. In this article, we’ll get to know Marland, and Laneda Jeffries and discover how they helped shape their son’s life and values.

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Hakeem Jeffries Parents

Family MemberRelationshipBackground/Role
Hakeem JeffriesSonCongressman, Public Servant
Laneda JeffriesMotherPartner in raising their family
Marlanda JeffriesFatherLoving and supportive father
Kennisandra JeffriesWifePartner
Hakeem Jeffries Family

Hakeem Jeffries Family

Hakeem Jeffries was born in Brooklyn, but his family roots span across different places. Using his great-grandparents’ generation as a reference point, his heritage is connected to Virginia (3/8ths), Georgia (1/4), Cape Verde (1/4), and Maryland (1/8). Over time, through migration and immigration, his family also became connected to other states like California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio.

On his father’s side, his family comes from Jasper County, Georgia. One of his ancestors, William Fears, was enslaved for a significant part of his life. He registered to vote on July 6, 1867, which was a significant moment for him. Even after slavery officially ended, a form of it continued in the area through practices like peonage, where Black people were forced to work under harsh conditions. The family faced challenges like lynchings and violence, prompting them to leave the county in the early 1920s.

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A part of Hakeem Jeffries’ family arrived in the United States just over a century ago. His great-grandparents immigrated from Cape Verde, a group of islands off the coast of West Africa. His great-grandfather, Manuel Gomes, arrived in 1915 and settled in Massachusetts. He worked hard in brass mills and for a railroad, raised his children, and became an American citizen. Eventually, he returned to Cape Verde and passed away in 1974. It’s fascinating to think that Manuel Gomes could not have predicted that his great-grandson, Hakeem Jeffries, would rise to become a prominent member of the U.S. Congress.

Hakeem Jeffries Father Marland Jeffries

Marland Jeffries was a dedicated father of Hakeem Jeffries. He raised his family in Brooklyn, New York, alongside his wife Laneda. While we may not have extensive details about his personal and professional life, we can understand the man through the lens of his family and community.

Marland Jeffries was a loving and supportive father who faced the challenges of raising a family in a community that had its fair share of struggles.

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The values instilled by Marland Jeffries in his son are evident in Hakeem Jeffries’ public life. Congressman Jeffries’ dedication to public service and his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of his constituents can be traced back to the lessons and examples set by his parents, including his father.

Hakeem Jeffries Mother Laneda Jeffries

In Hakeem Jeffries’ mother’s mother, Nellie, tragically died when she was only 23 years old, leaving her daughter, Hakeem’s mom, at a very tender age.

Because of these sad losses, older sisters and aunts have played a big role in raising children who lost their parents. When Hakeem Jeffries’ parents got engaged, it was actually his mother’s aunt who announced their engagement.

His paternal grandmother was recognized for her volunteer work helping elderly people who lived alone. Also, one of his maternal great-grandfathers was part of a union that helped him when he got injured at work. His maternal grandfather served in the Army during World War II, and this may have inspired Hakeem’s mother to become involved in community organizations like the American Legion Auxiliary.


Who is Hakeem Jeffries father?

Hakeem Jeffries’ father is Marland Jeffries.

Who is Hakeem Jeffries mother?

Hakeem Jeffries’ mother is Laneda Jeffries.