Greg Abbott Jewish American Heritage

In a significant gesture, Governor Greg Abbott has officially proclaimed May 2023 as Jewish American Heritage Month. This declaration not only honours the rich cultural contributions of American Jews but also underscores Texas’s deep appreciation for the Jewish community’s role in the state’s history and culture.

Is Greg Abbott Jewish

No, Greg Abbott is not Jewish. He is a Christian and is known to belong to the Roman Catholic faith. While he has shown strong support for the Jewish community and recognized Jewish American Heritage Month, he himself is not of Jewish descent.

Affirming an Enduring Alliance

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Governor Abbott has highlighted the longstanding and unwavering support that Texas has provided to the Jewish American community, not just within the state but throughout the entire nation. He emphasizes the strong bond that exists between Texas, Jewish Americans, and the people of Israel.

The proclamation serves as a tribute to the remarkable resilience and strength of the Jewish people in Texas and the United States. Governor Abbott recognizes the challenges they have faced and acknowledges their unwavering commitment to their culture and heritage.

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Combating Anti-Semitism

Governor Abbott’s commitment to fighting anti-Semitism is crystal clear. In 2021, he signed House Bill 3257 into law, creating the Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Anti-Semitism Advisory Commission. This commission plays a vital role in studying and addressing anti-Semitism in Texas, collaborating with educational institutions to develop effective strategies to combat hatred and prejudice.

Governor Abbott has taken concrete steps to ensure the safety and security of places of worship, including synagogues. Through his Public Safety Office, he has allocated $10 million in grants for security enhancement projects aimed at safeguarding these places, especially those at risk of attacks driven by ideology, beliefs, or mission.

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A Commitment to Inclusivity

By recognizing Jewish American Heritage Month and actively combatting anti-Semitism, Governor Abbott reaffirms Texas’s commitment to fostering inclusivity, preserving cultural heritage, and standing strong against discrimination and hatred. His actions demonstrate Texas’s dedication to protecting and celebrating its diverse communities.