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Glynis Johns Son Gareth Forwood Biography

Gareth L. John Forwood, born on October 14, 1945, in Marylebone, London, was destined for a life in the entertainment industry. His parents, Glynis Johns and Anthony Forwood, both renowned actors, shaped his early years. Despite their divorce when Gareth was just three years old, his familial ties to the world of acting ran deep. His great-great-grandfather, Thomas Friend Brittain Peploe Forwood, established the Forwood Baronetcy, adding a touch of aristocracy to his lineage. Gareth’s maternal side carried on the tradition, making him the fifth generation to grace the stage.

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Glynis Johns Son Gareth Forwood

Born:October 14, 1945
Died:October 16, 2007, London, UK
Occupation:British Stage, Film, and Television Actor
Parents:Glynis Johns and Anthony Forwood
Grandparents:Mervyn Johns, Alyce Steele, Edith Florence Westing, Leslie Langton Forwood
Wife:Veronique Lecoq (m. 1973–2007)
Children:Thomas Forwood
Glynis Johns Son Gareth Forwood

Gareth Forwood Wife – Veronique Lecoq

In 1973, Gareth Forwood embarked on a lifelong journey with his partner Veronique Lecoq. Their union became a cornerstone of his personal life, providing a supportive foundation as he navigated the challenges and triumphs of his illustrious career. Veronique stood by Gareth through thick and thin until his passing in 2007.

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Gareth Forwood Son – Thomas Forwood

Gareth Forwood’s legacy extends beyond his own achievements to his son, Thomas Forwood. Born of the union between Gareth and Veronique, Thomas pursued a different yet equally creative path as a writer and director. Gareth’s influence undoubtedly played a role in shaping the artistic inclinations that flowed through the Forwood family.

Anthony Forwood and Glynis Johns Son

As the only child of celebrated actors Glynis Johns and Anthony Forwood, Gareth was destined for a life steeped in the theatrical arts. His parents, each notable in their own right, imparted to him not only a rich heritage but also the passion and skill that would propel him to a successful career in stage, film, and television. The legacy of Mervyn Johns, Alyce Steele, Edith Florence Westing, and Leslie Langton Forwood lived on through Gareth, connecting multiple generations within the realm of entertainment.

Gareth Forwood images

Raised in the midst of theatrical brilliance, Gareth experienced a unique childhood. Living with both his mother and father, his early years were intertwined with the glamour and drama of the entertainment industry. His father, Anthony Forwood, resided with actor Sir Dirk Bogarde at the historic Beel House in Amersham.

Educationally, Gareth attended Ludgrove School in Wokingham before moving on to Stowe School in 1959, followed by Chilton Cantelo School, and Millfield School in Street. His academic journey paralleled his exposure to the arts, preparing him for a future that would see him tread the boards and grace the silver screen.

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Gareth Forwood Images

Gareth Forwood photos

Glynis Johns’ Marriages

Gareth’s mother, Glynis Johns, embarked on a journey of matrimony, tying the knot three more times after her divorce from Anthony Forwood. Her marriages to David Foster in 1952, Cecil Henderson in 1960, and Elliott Arnold in 1964 marked various chapters in her personal life, bringing different dynamics to Gareth’s familial landscape.

A Cinematic Journey Unfolds

Gareth Forwood made his screen debut in 1965, marking the commencement of a prolific career in stage, film, and television. With over 40 credits to his name, Forwood thrived as a character actor, leaving an indelible mark on the British entertainment industry.

His career boasted notable roles in productions such as “Gandhi” (1982), “King Ralph” (1991), and “Priest of Love” (1981). However, his contributions were not limited to the silver screen, as he found success in television, particularly with ITV, where his recurring roles became familiar to the British public.

Gareth Forwood Cause of Death

Gareth Forwood bid farewell to the acting world in 2000, leaving behind a legacy of memorable performances. Unfortunately, his later years were marred by health challenges. Diagnosed with cancer and enduring a heart attack, he passed away on October 16, 2007, at his London home.

Gareth Forwood’s departure left a void in the entertainment world, but his legacy endures through the characters he brought to life and the indomitable spirit with which he approached his craft. Survived by his mother, son, and wife, Gareth’s journey remains a testament to the enduring allure and challenges of a life dedicated to the arts.

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