Ghazi Hamad Net Worth 2023

Ghazi Hamad’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. He has been involved in various leadership roles within the Palestinian government and media, contributing to his financial standing.

Ghazi Hamad Wikipedia

Date of BirthJanuary 1, 1964
ProfessionPalestinian Journalist
NicknamesGhazi Hamad, Hamad, Ghazi
EducationBachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine
LanguagesArabic, English, Hebrew
Notable Positions– Chairman of the Border Crossings Authority in the Gaza Strip
Ghazi Hamad Wikipedia

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Biography Of Palestinian Journalist

Ghazi Hamad, born in 1964 in the Yibna refugee camp, has played significant roles in Palestinian journalism and politics.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine and is fluent in Arabic, English, and Hebrew. Hamad served as the chairman of the border crossings authority in the Gaza Strip and held the position of Deputy Foreign Minister in the Hamas government in 2012.

Hamad has a long history with Hamas, spanning 25 years. He was the editor-in-chief of the Hamas weekly newspaper Ar-Risala and the now-defunct Hamas-owned Al Watan newspaper.

He became a prominent spokesman for Hamas, earning credibility through his newspaper and his past imprisonment both by the Palestinian National Authority and the Israeli authorities for his Hamas-related activities.

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