Apart from Danny Elfman illustrious music career and recent legal battles, Danny Elfman’s personal life has also captured the public’s interest. He has been married twice, first to Geri Eisenmenger and later to actress Bridget Fonda. These relationships have played a significant role in shaping his personal journey. In this article, we explore the women who have been part of Danny Elfman’s life, shedding light on his first wife, Geri, and his current wife, Bridget Fonda.

Danny Elfman Wife

MarriageSpouseMarriage Years
First MarriageGeri Eisenmenger (m. 1984)1984 – 2021
Current MarriageBridget Fonda (m. 2003)2003 – Present

Geri Eisenmenger Danny Elfman First Wife And Daughters

Geri Eisenmenger is Danny Elfman’s first wife. They were married in 1984 and were together for several years. Geri and Danny Elfman had two daughters during their marriage: Lola Elfman and Mali Elfman. Their marriage lasted for a significant period before their eventual divorce.

After his divorce from Geri, he married actress Bridget Fonda, and they have a son named Oliver.

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Legal Troubles

In recent years, Elfman has found himself entangled in legal disputes. In July 2023, Rolling Stone reported allegations of sexual harassment made by composer Nomi Abadi, who claimed that Elfman harassed her between 2015 and 2017. Elfman and Abadi had previously signed a non-disclosure agreement, with Elfman agreeing to pay her $830,000 in installments if she refrained from publicizing her allegations. When Elfman failed to make the payments, Abadi filed a breach of contract suit, making the matter public.

In addition to the allegations by Nomi Abadi, Danny Elfman is now facing another lawsuit. An unnamed woman, known as Jane Doe XX, is suing the composer for sexual assault, gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual harassment, and negligence. She alleges that Elfman exposed himself and engaged in inappropriate behavior between 1997 and 2002. Elfman has vehemently denied these allegations, with his legal team ready to defend him in court.