George Owens Sterrett AL Bizarre Aquarium Incident in Leeds

In a shocking incident at a Bass Pro Shop in Leeds, Alabama, 42-year-old George Owens of Sterrett was arrested and is set to face an array of charges after a series of unusual events unfolded shortly before the store’s closing hours.

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Erratic Behavior Unfolds

The episode began when Owens, reportedly suffering from mental illness, started acting erratically in the store’s parking lot. Witnesses described him intentionally driving a vehicle into a pole, causing concern among shoppers and store employees.

George Owens Sterrett Naked Plunge into Aquarium

Following the crash, Owens allegedly stripped off his clothes and made a dash for the Bass Pro Shop’s aquarium. Leeds Police Chief Paul Irwin stated that law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scene as Owens adamantly refused to comply with their instructions to exit the water.

A bystander’s video captured the intense confrontation as two Leeds officers attempted to communicate with Owens. Despite their efforts, the situation escalated when Owens exited the water, shouted at the officers, and then dove back into the aquarium. Irwin noted that Owens continued to behave erratically, directing insults towards the officers.

The situation took a dramatic turn when Owens climbed over the aquarium’s side and fell to the concrete floor below, apparently losing consciousness. Responding swiftly, officers placed him in handcuffs. However, upon regaining consciousness, Owens resisted arrest, reportedly assaulting one of the officers with a kick.

Hospitalization and Legal Consequences

Following the incident, Owens was covered with a blanket and escorted out of the store. He was then transported to a hospital for both medical treatment and a mental health evaluation before being booked into the St. Clair County Jail.

Jail records reveal that George Owens is expected to face a variety of charges, including public lewdness, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, second-degree assault, two counts of criminal mischief for damaging the pole and patrol car, and two counts of reckless endangerment for his erratic driving.

Irwin indicated that Owens is likely to be released on bond, underscoring the importance of a comprehensive legal and mental health evaluation in the aftermath of this peculiar incident at the Bass Pro Shop.

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