GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen Takes Charge Without a Salary yes you read that right. GameStop, a popular video game retailer, has a new CEO, Ryan Cohen. He’s a billionaire and a well-known activist investor. What’s interesting is that he’s not going to get paid for his new role. Let’s read the article to find out who is Ryan Choen and the truth behind the news which says -GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen Takes Charge Without a Salary.

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GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen

Ryan Cohen is a Canadian entrepreneur who co-founded a pet food company called Chewy. He’s already GameStop’s executive chairman and owns a big chunk of the company’s shares through his firm, RC Ventures.

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GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen Takes Charge Without a Salary

In a surprising move, GameStop announced that Ryan Cohen won’t receive any salary for being the CEO, chairman, and president of the company. This means he’s taking on these important roles for free. The reasons given by CEO Ryan Cohen for not taking a salary are:

Cohen’s Mission is to Make GameStop Survive

Cohen is serious about turning things around for GameStop. He emailed the company’s staff, emphasizing the need for careful spending and efficiency. He believes that GameStop must stop losing money and focus on survival.

The Three Deadly Sins in Retail

According to Cohen, there are three things that can harm a retail business: buying the wrong inventory, taking on too much debt, and spending too much. He’s determined to avoid these pitfalls.

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Cohen’s Commitment

Ryan Cohen is fully committed to making GameStop successful. He pointed out that he’s not taking a salary, so he’s personally invested in the company’s future. He’s ready to work hard and turn the ship around.

GameStop’s Struggles

GameStop has faced challenges in recent years, with declining sales of physical game CDs due to the rise of online purchases. The company has closed many stores, and its software sales have dropped significantly.

A New Chapter for GameStop

With Ryan Cohen taking the helm as CEO, GameStop is entering a new chapter. His no-salary approach and commitment to survival show that he’s determined to bring positive change to the struggling retailer.


Who is Ryan Cohen?

Ryan Cohen is a businessman known for co-founding Chewy and being the executive chairman of GameStop.

Why is GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen in the news?

He’s in the news because he became the CEO of GameStop without taking a salary.

What is GameStop’s current situation?

GameStop has been struggling with declining sales of physical games and store closures.

What did Ryan Cohen say in his email to GameStop staff?

He emphasized the need for careful spending and efficiency to ensure the company’s survival.

How did Ryan Cohen become involved with GameStop?

He bought a stake in the company in 2020 and joined its board in 2021 during the meme stock craze.