Recently, former U.S. Representative Peter Meijer, a 35-year-old Iraq War veteran, has entered the race for Michigan’s soon-to-be-vacant U.S. Senate seat as a Republican candidate. In his political race Peter Meijer wife, Gabriella Zacarias has been beside him. He is also a family man, a loving husband, and a member of the influential Meijer family.

Peter Meijer is defined by his political career but also by his strong family ties. He is happily married to Gabriella Zacarias, and together, they share their love and responsibilities, raising three children. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Peter Meijer wife and their baby, highlighting the personal side of this dedicated public servant.

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Peter Meijer Family

Full NamePeter Meijer
Date of BirthJanuary 10, 1988
Age34 years old
Political AffiliationRepublican Party
WifeGabriella Zacarias (2016)
EstimatedNet WorthApproximately $50 million

Peter Meijer Wife Gabriella Zacarias And Baby

Peter Meijer and Gabriella Zacarias embarked on their marital journey in 2016. While the internet may not be adorned with Peter Meijer wedding pictures, the significance of their commitment to each other is evident in their strong bond.

Peter Meijer belongs to the prominent Meijer family, renowned as the founders and owners of the Meijer superstore chain. Their legacy in the business world is substantial, but Peter has chosen a path of public service, making a name for himself in the political arena.

Gabriella Zacarias Peter Meijer Wife

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Peter Meijer Wife Photos

In his personal life, Peter Meijer is a devoted husband and father. He is married to Gabriella Zacarias, and their marriage has been a steady and loving partnership since 2016. The couple shares the joys and responsibilities of raising their baby.

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Peter Meijer Wedding

Peter Meijer Senate Run in Michigan

Peter Meijer has entered the race for Michigan’s soon-to-be-vacant U.S. Senate seat as a Republican candidate. Despite previously serving one term in the U.S. House, Meijer lost his primary to a candidate endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Meijer’s decision to join the Senate race comes in challenging times, but he emphasizes the need for bold and dedicated leadership, stating, “If we are to see another great American century, we need leaders who aren’t afraid to be bold, will do the work, and can’t be bought.”

He joins a competitive Republican primary field that includes former Rep. Mike Rogers and former Detroit Police Chief James Craig, among others, all vying to replace retiring Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow. On the Democratic side, U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin is also running with several candidates for the open seat.

Meijer had previously faced criticism from far-right Republicans for his vote to impeach then-President Trump in relation to the January 6th riots. He was censured by Republicans and subsequently lost his primary to John Gibbs, a candidate backed by Donald Trump, in 2022. Ultimately, Gibbs was defeated by Democratic U.S. Rep. Hillary Scholten.

Notably, Meijer also voted to protect same-sex marriage in federal law in 2022, joining another Michigan Republican, former U.S. Rep. John Upton, in doing so. He supported the Respect for Marriage Act, which sought to ensure that marriages between two individuals, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin, performed in one state would be recognized by officials in another state, without compelling non-state officials or changing religious protections.

In response to Meijer’s announcement, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes expressed criticism, highlighting his past support for policies like the 2017 tax cuts benefiting the wealthy and large corporations, as well as his record of backing abortion bans without exceptions for rape or incest. The Republican Senate primary in Michigan is expected to be contentious and may lead to a nominee with vulnerabilities in the general election.

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