G20 Dinner Menu

Read the article for details on the G20 Dinner Menu, Invite, Venue, Plate, List, Time, and Guest List 2023.

G20 Dinner Menu 2023

As world leaders gather in New Delhi for the 2023 G20 Summit, the culinary stage is set to take centre stage. Amidst discussions on pressing global issues, trade agreements, and diplomatic deliberations, the dinner is also going to be the part of G20 summit. It is going to have a menu that will reflect India’s tradition and innovation. This year’s G20 Dinner Menu is poised to showcase India’s culinary prowess, with an emphasis on monsoon delicacies and the inclusion of millet-based dishes. While the exact details of the menu remain closely guarded, it is expected to be a celebration of India’s culinary diversity that will offer an unforgettable dining experience for delegates and heads of state from around the world.

The G20 Dinner Menu 2023 has not been officially released yet, but it is expected to feature a variety of Indian dishes, with a focus on millet-based dishes. Some of the dishes that may be served include:

  1. Beverages
    • A selection of wines, both red and white.
    • Sparkling water and still water.
    • Soft drinks and juices.
    • Coffee and tea, including herbal options.
  1. Starters or Appetizers
    • Canapés or hors d’oeuvres featuring a variety of flavors.
    • Cold and hot appetizers like seafood platters, salads, or soups.
    • Local or regional specialities to showcase the host country’s cuisine.
  2. Main Courses
    • Vegetarian options to cater to dietary preferences.
    • Side dishes like vegetables, and rice.
    • Sauces and condiments to complement the main courses.
  1. Desserts
    • An assortment of desserts, including cakes, pastries, and fruit platters.
    • Specialty desserts that highlight the host country’s sweets like Jalebi
    • Coffee or tea served with dessert.
  2. Digestifs (Optional)
    • After-dinner drinks like cognac, or liqueurs.
    • Coffee with liquor options.

The dinner will be an all-vegetarian meal, as India is celebrating 2023 as the International Year of Millets. The menu will also be designed to showcase the diversity of Indian cuisine, with dishes from all over the country being represented.

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G20 Dinner Invites

The G20 Dinner Invites have been sent out to the leaders of the G20 member countries, as well as the heads of international organizations. The dinner will be held on September 9, 2023, at the Bharat Mandapam in Delhi. The venue is a newly built international convention and exhibition centre.

G20 Dinner Guest List

The G20 Dinner guest list would have the great leaders of the 19 countries including the organization leaders and a few more representative members. These 19 countries and their leaders would be:

  • Argentina – Alberto Fernandez – President of Argentina
  • Australia – Anthony Albanese – Prime Minister of Australia
  • Brazil – Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – President of Brazil
  • Canada – Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister Of Canada
  • China – Xi Jinping – Prime Minister of China
  • France – Emmanuel Macron – President of France
  • Germany – Olaf Scholz – Chancellor of Germany
  • India – Narendra Modi – Prime Minister Of India – Host
  • Indonesia – Joko Widodo – President of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Italy – Sergio Mattarella – Prime Minister of Italy
  • Japan – Fumio Kishida – Prime Minister of Japan
  • South Korea – Yoon Suk-yeol – President of South Korea
  • Mexico – Andres Manuel – President of Mexico
  • Russia – Sergey Lavrov – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • Saudi Arabia – Mohammed bin Salman – Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa – Cyril Ramaphosa – President of South Africa
  • Turkey – Tayyip Erdoğan – President of Turkey
  • United Kingdom- Rishi Sunak – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • United States- Joe Biden – President of the United States of America

G20 Dinner Venue

The G20 Dinner venue will be at the Bharat Mandapam in Delhi, India. The venue is a newly built international convention and exhibition centre. It is located at Pragati Maidan, which is a large exhibition complex in Delhi.

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G20 Dinner Plates

According to reports, there are going to be around 15,000 silver plates, bowls and other utensils crafted by artisans for the summit, it had said. The G20 Dinner Plates will be custom-made for the event. They are expected to be made of silver or gold, and they will be decorated with traditional Indian motifs. The plates will be a souvenir of the event, and they will be given to the guests as a gift.

G20 Dinner Menu from 2014 to 2023

2014 — 9th G20 Summit — Brisbane, Australia
The 9th G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia, commenced with a distinguished breakfast spread featuring freshly baked croissants, delectable Danish pastries, a bounty of fresh fruit, and a showcase of premium Australian seafood. The dinner menu, a true culinary spectacle, highlighted Porterhouse steak and succulent Warwick lamb, culminating in sweet delights like TimTams and pavlovas, all complemented by the finest Penfolds wine.

2016 — 11th G20 Summit — Hangzhou, China
China’s Hangzhou Summit in 2016 was a culinary masterpiece that primarily celebrated seafood. Guests savored delights such as pine mushroom soup and orange-flavored crabmeat, accompanied by the exquisite Changyu wines.

2017 — 12th G20 Summit — Hamburg, Germany
In Hamburg, Germany, world leaders gathered for a memorable evening featuring North Sea turbot fillet and Friesian beef, serenaded by the timeless music of Beethoven. The meal concluded with a choice of fine cheeses or raspberries, paying homage to Germany’s culinary excellence.

2018 — 13th G20 Summit — Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentina’s summit showcased its thriving beef exports with a menu heavily centered around meat. Ribeye steak, king crab, and braised Patagonian lamb graced the tables, all artfully paired with outstanding Argentinian wines.

2019 — 14th G20 Summit — Osaka, Japan
The Osaka Summit in Japan in 2019 unveiled a culinary masterpiece with dishes like Roasted Sweet Corn Flan and Bamboo Charcoal Baked Tajima Beef. The menu also accommodated various dietary preferences with thoughtful substitutions.

2021 — 16th G20 Summit — Rome, Italy
At the Quirinal Palace in Rome, world leaders enjoyed a refined menu featuring salmon marinated with fragrant herbs, creamy risotto infused with pumpkin and white truffle, and a delightful tangerine cream dessert.

2022 — 17th G20 Summit — Bali, Indonesia
Indonesia’s gala dinner celebrated the nation’s culinary diversity, offering an array of flavours from various regions. Aneka Ratna Mutumanikam, Wagyu beef tenderloin, rendang, and Acehnese chocolate mousse showcased the richness of Indonesian cuisine.

2023 — 18th G20 Summit — New Delhi, India
The 2023 G20 Summit in New Delhi promises to be a culinary journey like no other, with a focus on sustainability and a celebration of India’s diverse cuisine. Delegates can savour the vibrant flavours of Indian street food, including the tantalizing delicacies of Chandni Chowk, alongside innovative millet-based dishes, highlighting India’s climate-resistant and highly nutritious grains.