Patrick Duffy Wife Carlyn Rosser, born in 1939 and passed away in January 2017, was a renowned ballerina hailing from the United States. She is best remembered for her role as the spouse of Patrick Duffy, the well-known American actor famous for portraying Bobby Ewing in the CBS primetime soap, “Dallas.”

Patrick Duffy Wife Carlyn Rosser

Full NameCarlyn Rosser
Birth Year1939
Year of PassingJanuary 2017
ProfessionProfessional Ballerina
Marital StatusMarried (to Patrick Duffy)
Age at Time of Passing78 years
Cause of DeathCancer
BirthplaceThe United States
ChildrenTwo sons – Padraic Duffy and Conor Duffy
Patrick Duffy Wife Carlyn Rosser

A Loving Marriage

Carlyn and Patrick Duffy’s love story began when they exchanged their vows in 1974. Their love transcended the age difference, as Carlyn was ten years senior to Duffy. Together, they formed a beautiful family, raising two children named Padraic Duffy and Conor Duffy. Their home near Eagle Point, Oregon, was filled with happiness and togetherness.

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Carlyn Rosser Cause of Death

Unfortunately, in 2017, the couple’s four-decade-long journey took a sombre turn when Carlyn Rosser lost her life to cancer. Her passing left a void in Patrick Duffy’s life, one that would take him several years to heal. However, throughout this difficult time, he found unwavering support from their family and their two children.

Second Wife Linda Purl

In 2020, Patrick Duffy found a new ray of sunshine in his life when he met actress Linda Purl, born on September 2, 1955, in Greenwich, Connecticut. Their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship as they reconnected through a group chat with mutual friends. Their connection grew stronger, and Patrick even embarked on a 20-hour journey to meet Linda, who hailed from a different world.


Who was Carlyn Rosser?
Carlyn Rosser was a professional ballerina who was married to Patrick Duffy, the American actor.

When did Carlyn Rosser pass away?
Carlyn Rosser passed away in January 2017, and the cause of her death was cancer.

How long were Carlyn Rosser and Patrick Duffy married?
Carlyn and Patrick Duffy were married for over four decades, having tied the knot in 1974.

Did Carlyn and Patrick Duffy have children together?
Yes, Carlyn and Patrick had two sons, named Padraic Duffy and Conor Duffy.

How did Patrick Duffy meet Linda Purl?
Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl reconnected through a group chat with mutual friends, which eventually led to a romantic relationship.