Giorgia Meloni, the current Prime Minister of Italy, is a person shaped by her family background. Giorgia Meloni Family includes her parents Francesco and Anna along with her sister Arianna. Arianna is married Francesco Lollobrigida, Italy’s Minister of Agriculture.Giorgia had a domestic partner, Andrea Giambruno, with whom she shares a daughter named Ginevra who is 7 years old.

Giorgia Meloni Family

Family MemberDescription
FatherFrancesco Meloni – Born in Rome; tax advisor with political beliefs influenced by communism
MotherAnna Paratore – Sicilian origin, novelist.
SisterArianna – Born in 1975, married Francesco Lollobrigida, Italian Minister of Agriculture.
Domestic PartnerAndrea Giambruno – Journalist at Mediaset TV channels.
DaughterGinevra – Born in 2016, from the relationship with Andrea Giambruno.
Giorgia Meloni Family

Francesco Meloni Giorgia Meloni Father

Giorgia Meloni’s father, Francesco Meloni, played a pivotal role in her early life. A native of Rome, he was the son of the well-known radio director Nino Meloni from Sardinia and actress Zoe Incrocci from Lombardy. However, her father’s political beliefs, with leanings towards communism and a past vote for the Italian Communist Party, contrasted with her own conservative values. In 1978, when Giorgia was just one year old, her father left the family.

He eventually moved to the Canary Islands, where he remarried. However, this chapter took a dark turn when he was convicted of drug trafficking in 1995 and received a nine-year prison sentence in Spain. He last contacted Giorgia in 2006, coinciding with her becoming the Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies.

Anna Paratore Giorgia Meloni Mother

Anna Paratore, Giorgia Meloni’s mother, added her own unique touch to the family’s story. Originally from Sicily, Anna went on to become a novelist. After Francesco’s departure, she navigated the challenges of raising Giorgia and her sister, Arianna, as a single mother. Despite the hardships, Anna’s creative talents and commitment to her daughters left a lasting influence on their lives.

Arianna Meloni Giorgia Meloni Sister

Arianna Meloni, Giorgia Meloni’s older sister, was born in 1975. Notably, she married Francesco Lollobrigida, who later assumed the role of the Italian Minister of Agriculture. While Giorgia Meloni’s political career has seen her ascend to the prime ministership of Italy, her sister’s connection to a prominent minister highlights the family’s involvement in Italian politics and governance.

Giorgia Meloni Partner Andrea Giambruno

From 2015 to 2023, Giorgia Meloni shared her personal life with Andrea Giambruno, a journalist employed by Mediaset TV channels. Their domestic partnership led to the birth of their daughter, Ginevra, in 2016. However, this relationship ended in October 2023 after a publicized controversy surrounding Giambruno’s off-air comments, which were widely criticized as sexist and chauvinistic. Despite these challenges, Giorgia Meloni continues to navigate the complexities of her personal life while maintaining her political role in Italy.