Famous IITians (IIT Notable Alumni): We all know IITs are the top engineering institutes in India, and so are its students in terms of excellence. The famous IITians rule the world with their knowledge and innovations. They have made the lives of this generation very comfortable with their discoveries. In today’s world, one can find famous IITians in every field- an author, an IAS, a business tycoon, and an entertainer touching the pinnacle of their stream.

This article brings the list of 62 Famous IIT Notable Alumni from different fields who made the nation proud with their quirky wit and intelligence.

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IIT Notable Alumni in Entertainment

The list of IITians in Bollywood and IITian YouTubers is really vast. Some famous IITians in the entertainment industry are:

Sr. No.IIT Notable AlumniNotabilityIIT
1.Amol ParasharActorIIT Delhi
2.Anurabh KumarCo-founder and CEO of TVFIIT Kharagpur
3.Chetan BhagatAuthor and ColumnistIIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad
4.Biswa Kalyan RathStand-up Comedian and WriterIIT Kharagpur
5.Biswapati SarkarWriter, Director, and ActorIIT Kharagpur
6. Jitendra KumarActorIIT Kharagpur
7.Vipul GoyalStand-up ComedianIIT Bombay
IIT notable alumni in Entertainment Field

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Famous IITians in Politics

There are many IITians who became IAS and served the nation in the field of politics. Some of them are:

Sr. No.IIT Notable AlumniNotabilityIIT
8.Arvind KejriwalChief Minister of DelhiIIT Kharagpur
9.Manohar ParrikarFormer Chief Minister of Goa and Defence MinisterIIT Bombay
10.Nandan NilekaniCo-founder of Infosys and Chairman of UIDAIIIT Bombay
11.Raghuram RajanFormer Governor of the Reserve Bank of IndiaIIT Delhii, IIM Ahmedabad, MIT
12.Duvvuri SubbaraoFormer Governor of the Reserve Bank of IndiaIIT Kharagpur
13.Ajit SinghFormer Union Minister of Civil AviationIIT Kharagpur
14.Jairam RameshIndian Politician and Former Union MinisterIIT Bombay
15.Alok AgarwalSocial Activist and PoliticianIIT Kanpur
16.Jayant SinhaIndian Politician and Former Union MinisterIIT Delhi
IITians in Politics

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IIT Notable Alumni in Science & Academics 

Sr. No.IIT Notable AlumniNotabilityIIT
17.K RadhakrishnanFormer Chairman of ISROIIT Kharagpur
18.Pranav MistryInventor and Global Vice President at SamsungIIT Bombay
19.Ashoke SenTheoretical PhysicistIIT Kanpur
20.Shiraz MinwallaTheoretical PhysicistIIT Kanpur
21.Subra SureshPresident of Nanyang Technological UniversityIIT Madras
22.B. N. SureshAerospace ScientistIIT Madras
23.Anjali JoshiComputer ScientistIIT  Kanpur
24.Veena SahajwallaMaterials Scientist and EngineerIIT Kanpur
IITians in Science & Academics

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Famous IITian Entrepreneurs

The list of successful IIT alumni is long, to sum up in short here is the list:

Sr. No.IIT Notable AlumniNotabilityIIT
25.Narayana MurthyCo-founder of InfosysIIT Kanpur
26.Sachin BansalCo-founder of FlipkartIIT Delhi
27.Binny BansalCo-founder of FlipkartIIT Delhi
28.Rohit BansalCo-founder of SnapdealIIT Delhi
29.Bhavish AggarwalCo-founder of Ola CabsIIT Bombay
30.Ankit BhatiCo-founder of Ola CabsIIT Bombay
31.Deepinder GoyalCo-founder and CEO of ZomatoIIT Delhi
32.Pankaj ChaddahCo-founder of ZomatoIIT Delhi
33.Sanjay SethiCo-founder and CEO of ShopCluesIIT Delhi
34.Pranay ChuletFounder and CEO of QuikrIIT Delhi
35.Sankalp AgarwalCo-founder of UpGradIIT Bombay
36.Prabhat GuptaCo-founder of UpGradIIT Guwahati
37.Sanchit GargCo-founder of UpGradIIT Kharagpur
38.Ambarish GuptaCo-founder of Knowlarity CommunicationsIIT Kanpur
39.Pallav PandeyCo-founder of Knowlarity CommunicationsIIT Delhi
40.Ayush VarshneyCo-founder of Pulse LabsIIT Kanpur
41.Sahil BaghlaCo-founder of Pulse LabsIIT Roorkee
42.Nikesh AroraFormer President and COO of SoftBank GroupIIT BHU
43.Sundar PichaiCEO of Alphabet Inc. (Google)IIT Kharagpur
44.Amit SinghalFormer Senior Vice President at GoogleIIT Roorkee
45.Bharat DesaiCo-founder of Syntel Inc. IIT Bombay
46.Yogesh Chander DeveshwarFormer Chairman and CEO of ITC LimitedIIT Delhi
47.Pramod MaheshwariFounder and CEO of Career Point Ltd.IIT Delhi
48.Sameer GehlautFounder and Chairman of Indiabulls GroupIIT Delhi
IIT Notable Alumni in Business

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IITians In Field Of Spirituality

Surprisingly, there are many IITians who turned Monks, some of them are listed as:

Sr. No.Famous IITian NameNotabilityIIT
49.Swami MukundanandaSpiritual Leader and AuthorIIT Delhi
50.Swami RamanandSpiritual Leader and Founder of Sandipani VidyaniketanIIT Bombay
51.Madhu Pandit DasaSpiritual Leader and President of ISKCON BangaloreIIT Bombay
52.Radheshyam DasSpiritual Leader and Disciple of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaIIT Bombay
53.Shreesh JadhavSpiritual Leader and Disciple of Swami VivekanandaIIT Bombay
54.Acharya PrashantSpiritual Leader and PhilosopherIIT Delhi
55.Khurshid BatliwalaSpiritual Teacher and Head of Operations at Isha FoundationIIT Bombay
56.Dinesh GhodkeSpiritual Teacher and Faculty at Isha FoundationIIT Bombay
57.Mahan MjIITian monkIIT Kanpur
IIT Notable Alumni in Spirituality

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IITians in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)

Here are the famous IITians in ISRO who are involved in Space and research fields:

58.K. RadhakrishnanChairman of the (SRO from 2009 to 2014IIT Kharagpur
59.P. Veera MuthuvelChandrayaan-3 Project DirectorIIT Madras
60.K. KalpanaDeputy Project Director, Chandrayaan-3IIT Kharagpur
61.S. MohanakumarScientist behind the Chandrayaan-3IIT Kharagpur
62.Kailasavadivoo SivanFormer Chairman of ISROIIT Madras
IITians in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)

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Suggestions and updates to this list of famous IITians (IIT Notable Alumni) in different fields are always welcome.