Eugenia Argote Pedro Manuel Argote Wife’s Relation With The Case

The recent tragic incident involving the shooting of Judge Andrew Wilkinson has left a community in shock and mourning. At the center of this grim event is Pedro Argote, the suspected assailant and his wife, Eugenia Argote.

As the investigation into the tragic attack on Judge Andrew Wilkinson continues, Pedro Argote wife, Eugenia Argote, finds herself facing a complex legal landscape. Eugenia Argote with her husband as the primary suspect in the shooting, the circumstances surrounding the case have raised questions about her potential involvement or knowledge of the events leading up to the attack.

As the legal proceedings unfold, her role and potential accountability will be closely examined, shedding light on the complexities of this harrowing situation.

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Pedro Manuel Argote Wiki, Wife, Kids And Family

SuspectPedro Manuel Argote
Description5-foot-7, 130 pounds
VehicleSilver 2009 Mercedes GL450 with Maryland plates
VictimJudge Andrew Wilkinson
SpouseEugenia Argote
Pedro Argote Wiki

The Suspect: Pedro Argote

Pedro Argote, aged 49, finds himself at the center of a devastating incident. He is currently on the run, and law enforcement considers him armed and dangerous. Standing at 5-foot-7 and weighing 130 pounds, Argote has black hair and brown eyes. He may be driving a silver 2009 Mercedes GL450 with Maryland plates. His actions have triggered a manhunt and widespread concern.

The tragedy unfolded after Judge Andrew Wilkinson ruled against Pedro Argote in a child custody case just hours before the attack. The incident is believed to be a targeted act of violence against the judge. Shockingly, Argote did not attend the divorce hearing earlier that day, where Judge Wilkinson granted child custody to Argote’s partner.


Andrew Wilkinson, was fatally shot in the driveway of his home just hours after making a significant custody decision in a divorce case. The suspect in the case, Pedro Argote, who is the ex-husband of the custodial parent, had been accused of physically abusing one of their children in the past. These tragic events shed light on the complex and often challenging dynamics of family disputes, and how they can escalate to devastating consequences.

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Last year, the ex-wife filed a petition for a protection order, alleging physical abuse, harassment through text messages, constant surveillance through security cameras, and threats to take custody of their four children. The petition revealed the harrowing account of the ex-wife’s efforts to protect her child and seek help, which included seeking assistance from a domestic violence advocacy center and turning to relatives. However, these attempts didn’t yield the needed support.

Judge Wilkinson’s final custody decision, granting the ex-wife custody of their children and banning Argote from contacting or visiting them, was a significant ruling that aimed to protect the well-being of the children. The judgment also ordered Argote to pay child support and barred him from entering the family home.

Tragically, this decision appears to have triggered the violent incident that resulted in Judge Wilkinson’s untimely death. Argote is currently at large and considered armed and dangerous.


Who is Pedro Argote?
Pedro Argote is the suspected assailant in the shooting of Judge Andrew Wilkinson.

What was the motive behind the attack on Judge Wilkinson?
The attack on Judge Wilkinson occurred after he ruled against Pedro Argote in a child custody case, and it is believed to be a targeted act of violence.

What actions are being taken to enhance judicial security?
In the wake of this incident, a heightened level of security measures has been implemented for judges throughout the county.

What is the legal status of Pedro Argote’s wife in this case?
Eugenia Argote’s role in the case is currently under examination, as she may have insights into the circumstances leading up to the attack, and the legal proceedings will determine her involvement or knowledge of the events.