Emily Strayer on Charlie Robison Death

Emily Strayer on Charlie Robison Death

The Chicks’ 2023 World Tour, the trio faced a poignant date change as they grappled with a family crisis—the passing of Charlie Robison. The Texas singer-songwriter, formerly married to Chicks bandmate Emily Strayer, left a void in the music world at the age of 59 after suffering cardiac arrest over the weekend.

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Charlie Robison Ex Wife

The couple, Strayer and Robison, shared a significant chapter of their lives, marked by nine years of marriage and the upbringing of three children. The Chicks, in the midst of their Canadian leg on the World Tour, rescheduled a Winnipeg stop, originally slated for September 12, to September 11, citing an “urgent family matter” as the reason for the date alteration.

As per the Chicks’ tour calendar, no further disruptions are anticipated due to this heart-wrenching tragedy. The trio continues to honor their commitments, undeterred by the emotional toll of losing a family member.

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Romance Chronicled in Music

The Chicks’ ballad “Cowboy Take Me Away” holds a poignant connection to Strayer and Robison’s romance. Bandmate Martie Maguire once revealed in an interview that the song was inspired by the couple’s love story. Despite parting ways after nine years of marriage, the profound impact of their union resonates in the melodies that have become timeless.

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Legacy of Charlie Robison

Beyond his connection with The Chicks, Charlie Robison was a singer-songwriter with a prolific career, releasing multiple albums from the ’90s to the 2010s. His retirement in 2018, prompted by complications from a surgical procedure, silenced his voice but not his impact on the music landscape.

Charlie Robison Wife Kristin Robison

Charlie Robison is survived by his wife, Kristin Robison, along with four children and step-children. The news of his death, although dated, reverberates in the memories of those who cherished his music and the shared moments with The Chicks.

As Emily Strayer and The Chicks navigate the complexities of loss, the legacy of Charlie Robison lives on in the melodies that captured hearts, making this chapter of remembrance a poignant yet essential part of their collective journey.

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