All About Douglas Emhoff First Wife Kerstin Emhoff, Second Kamala Harris And 2 Children.

Doug Emhoff was born October 13, 1964, is an American lawyer. He holds the unique position of being the second gentleman of the United States, as the spouse of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Emhoff began his career as an entertainment lawyer and later became a partner at DLA Piper. He is currently a distinguished visiting professor at Georgetown University Law Center.

Who was Douglas Emhoff First Wife Kerstin Emhoff

Doug Emhoff’s first marriage was to Kerstin Emhoff, formerly Kerstin Mackin.

They were married for 16 years before divorcing in 2008.

Together, they shared a life and built a family, raising two children, Cole and Ella.

Kerstin Emhoff was a successful film producer and CEO of production company Prettybird. She has her own accomplished career, having worked on notable projects such as the music video for Nine Inch Nails’ song “Closer” and Beyonce’s “Formation.”

Despite their divorce, Doug and Kerstin have maintained a supportive relationship, striving to co-parent their children and remain friends.

Kerstin Emhoff has expressed pride in Doug’s accomplishments and their amicable relationship post-divorce.

Doug Emhoff Second Wife to Kamala Harris

In 2014, Doug Emhoff married Kamala Harris in Santa Barbara, California, making him the first second gentleman in American history.

Their union marked a historic moment, as Emhoff became the first second gentleman of the United States.

Kamala Harris, now the 49th Vice President of the United States, and Emhoff have since navigated their roles as a power couple in American politics.

Their marriage symbolizes progress and diversity, as Emhoff became the first Jewish spouse of a vice president.

Doug Emhoff Second Wife

Together, they share a blended family dynamic, with Harris embracing her role as stepmother to Cole and Ella.

Despite the pressures of public life, Emhoff and Harris have demonstrated a strong partnership.

As the spouse of Vice President Harris, Emhoff faces the pressures of the political spotlight. Despite this, he has handled his role with grace and professionalism, according to his ex-wife Kerstin Emhoff.

Doug Emhoff Daughter Ella Emhoff And Son Cole Emhoff

Doug Emhoff has two children from his previous marriage to Kerstin Emhoff: a son named Cole and a daughter named Ella.

Cole Emhoff, aged 27, and Ella Emhoff, aged 22, have been part of a blended family since their father’s marriage to Vice President Kamala Harris in 2014.

Despite the changes in their family dynamic, both Cole and Ella have maintained close relationships with both their father and stepmother, affectionately referring to Harris as “Momala.”

They have embraced their roles as part of a historic moment in American politics, supporting their father and stepmother in their respective public roles.