Dorothy Hoffner Died At 104

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Dorothy Hoffner captured the world’s attention with her incredible zest for life and unwavering spirit. Her story is one of defying age and embracing adventure. At the age of 104, just a week after setting a world record for being the oldest skydiver, Dorothy passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Dorothy Hoffner was born on Dec. 17, 1918, and raised in the heart of Chicago. Her roots in Garfield Park provided the backdrop for a life that would defy expectations.

Dorothy Hoffner Wikipedia

Full NameDorothy Hoffner
BirthdateBorn on Dec. 17, 1918 Chicago, Illinois
Professional JourneyWorked at Illinois Bell Telephone Co.
Personal LifeNever married or had children
Skydiving AdventuresFirst jump at 100 years old
Second jump at 104 years old (World Record)
Passing AwayOctober 9, 2023
Dorothy Hoffner Wikipedia

Dorothy Hoffner Young

In 1938, Dorothy began a career that would span as long as her retirement. She joined Illinois Bell Telephone Co., where she worked as an operator. For decades, she was a dedicated and dependable employee, providing essential telecommunications services to the community.

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Dorothy Hoffner was an enigmatic individual, known for her vitality and wit. Her life’s simplicity and good health were attributed to two key ingredients: her decision not to marry or have children, and her deep faith in God.

Dorothy Hoffner Family

Dorothy Hoffner’s family life remained mostly private, and she was known to have never married or had children. This unique aspect of her personal life, choosing to live independently, contributed to her longevity.

Hoffner’s life took an unexpected turn at the age of 100 when she embraced the thrill of skydiving. Her decision to join a friend on this daring adventure was motivated purely by a desire for fun and adventure. In her own words, the experience was “nice” and “peaceful,” an unforgettable testament to the ageless spirit that resided within her.

Dorothy Hoffner Skydiving

Dorothy Hoffner made history when, at the age of 104, she decided to take the leap once again. Her second skydive would catapult her into the record books as the oldest person to tandem skydive. It was an achievement that not only defied her age but also resonated with the world as a symbol of indomitable spirit.

Died At 104

Tragically, just a week after her record-breaking dive, Dorothy Hoffner passed away in her sleep. The news of her death came as a shock to those who had admired her invincible spirit and tireless energy. Her legacy, however, lives on as an inspiration to all who dare to dream and pursue adventure at any age.

Dorothy Hoffner Obituary

Dorothy’s last wish was to experience the serenity of a hot-air balloon ride, a reflection of her eternal desire to reach for the skies. Though she may have left this world, her legacy endures, reminding us that age is merely a number, and the human spirit knows no bounds.

Funeral arrangements, expected in early November, will serve as a poignant farewell to a woman who lived life to the fullest, a testament to the enduring power of the indomitable spirit. Dorothy Hoffner’s remarkable journey may have concluded, but the inspiration she provided will forever remain.