David Rives Jenna Ellis First Husband

In the world of political activism, few names stand out quite like David Rives wife Jenna Ellis. An American attorney, conservative commentator, and former member of former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, she’s made waves in the political landscape. However, before her rise to prominence in the conservative arena, Jenna Ellis husband David Rives.

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Jenna Ellis Wedding in 2019

David Rives and Jenna Ellis husband’s relationship garnered attention when they got engaged in April 2019 and swiftly tied the knot in June of the same year. However, David Rives and Jenna Ellis marital journey was short-lived, as they reportedly separated just two months after their wedding in August. This quick turn of events sparked curiosity about David Rives and the reasons behind their separation.

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Who is Jenna Ellis Husband David Rives

Jenna Ellis husband David Rives, known to be in his 40s, is a multifaceted individual. He’s a Trump supporter who hosts a weekly show called “Creation in the 21st Century” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

Beyond his TV show, Rives is an author, documentary maker, Christian radio presenter, and speaker. He runs David Rives Ministries, a platform where he shares his knowledge and insights, emphasizing the glory of God through scientific study.

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His extensive travels and research have made him a sought-after speaker, combining elements of Bible history and science in an engaging and accessible way for audiences of all ages. Rives is also a weekly news columnist on topics related to science and the Bible and has authored books such as “Wonders Without Number” and “21 Verses Backed by Science.”

Despite these achievements and talents, Rives’s personal life, especially his marriage to Jenna Ellis, remains a subject of curiosity. Their separation and Jenna’s public remarks about their marriage raised questions about the circumstances that led to their quick divorce.

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Reason Of Divorce

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Jenna Ellis shed some light on the reasons behind their separation. She pointed to issues related to church authority, accountability, and married life as the primary factors. Jenna expressed her concerns regarding her husband’s reluctance to accept church authority and seek biblical counselling for critical matters.

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This public disclosure about their separation left many with more questions than answers. The intriguing backstory of Jenna Ellis and David Rives’s short-lived marriage remains a topic of interest for those curious about the personal lives of prominent political figures.

Jenna Ellis Second Husband Shane Butler Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis second husband is Shane Butler as per online sources. However, there is no firm information about her second husband after divorcing David Rives.

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