Let’s take a closer look at Jenna Ellis parents, her first husband, and her children.

Jenna Ellis is a prominent American conservative lawyer who gained recognition for her association with former President Donald Trump’s legal team. Beyond her legal career, Jenna’s personal life has been the subject of public interest, particularly her relationships with her family and her first husband.

Jenna’s journey is influenced by her family, notably her father, Dave Ellis, and her mother, Valerie Watts Ellis. Jenna’s personal life has also been marked by her marriage to David Rives.

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Jenna Ellis Parents And Family

Full NameJenna Ellis
Date of BirthNovember 1, 1984
Place of BirthColorado, United States
FatherDave Ellis
MotherValerie Watts Ellis
HusbandDivorced from David Rives (Married in June 2019, separated in August 2019)
Jenna Ellis Parents And Family

Dave Ellis Jenna Ellis Father

Born on November 1, 1984, in Colorado, United States, Jenna Ellis is the daughter of Dave Ellis and Valerie Watts Ellis. Jenna’s father, Dave Ellis, holds a significant role in her political journey.

His guidance has been instrumental in shaping Jenna’s career and political views. Jenna shares a strong bond with her parents, and their influence on her life is apparent in her frequent expressions of gratitude for their support, which she shares on her Facebook posts.

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David Rives Jenna Ellis First Husband

Jenna Ellis’s first marriage was to David Rives. Jenna Ellis first husband, David Rives was a well-known figure in the Christian community. David is recognized for his contributions as a documentary producer, author, speaker, and television personality. He hosts a weekly show titled “Creation In The 21st Century” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), where he explores the intersection of science and biblical themes.

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Jenna and David’s relationship began with an engagement in April 2019, and they exchanged vows in June of the same year. However, their marriage faced challenges, leading to their separation just two months after their wedding in August 2019. This high-profile separation garnered public attention and sparked curiosity about the reasons behind it.

Valerie Watts Jenna Ellis Mother

Valerie Watts Ellis, Jenna Ellis mother, also plays a significant role in Jenna’s life. Valerie works as a certified travel agent, operating under the name “Vacation by Valerie.” Her career, which began in October 2010, focuses on planning trips within the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, and Mexico.

Valerie manages her work remotely through phone calls and her website, making travel planning accessible to her clients.