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In a shocking turn of events, 78-year-old British businessman and former UK honorary consul in Guayaquil, Colin Armstrong, was abducted from his farmhouse in Ecuador’s Los Rios province in the early hours of Saturday. The perpetrators, reportedly 15 criminals disguised as police officers, forcefully entered Armstrong’s property, seizing him and his partner, Katherine Paola Santos.

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Colin Armstrong Ecuador Partner Katherine Paola Santos

The abduction of Colin Armstrong Ecuador has taken a perplexing turn with the focus now shifting to his partner, Katherine Paola Santos. Santos, a Colombian national, was reportedly rescued after the assailants forcibly took Armstrong and her from their property. However, recent revelations suggest a twist in the tale, as it’s claimed that Santos, originally known as Alberto Santos, underwent surgery to adopt a more feminine appearance.

This unexpected development has led to Ecuadorian authorities investigating Santos’s role in the kidnapping. The intricacies of this case continue to unfold, adding a layer of complexity to the mystery surrounding the millionaire businessman’s disappearance.

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The Abduction

The assailants, armed and posing as law enforcement, stormed Armstrong’s residence near Guayaquil, taking the couple away in Armstrong’s black BMW. The vehicle was later found abandoned nearby, deepening the mystery surrounding the kidnapping.

While reports indicate that Katherine Paola Santos has been rescued, a surprising twist has emerged. Santos, a Colombian national, is now under investigation by Ecuadorian authorities. Allegations suggest that Santos, originally named Alberto Santos, underwent surgery to assume a more feminine appearance. This revelation has added complexity to an already perplexing case.

Colin Armstrong Net Worth

Colin Armstrong, a wealthy entrepreneur and president of the Ecuadorean agriculture company Agripac, is not only a successful businessman but also a prominent figure in the British community. Known for owning the Forbidden Corner visitor attraction in the Yorkshire Dales and the Tupgill Park Estate in North Yorkshire, Armstrong received honors from the Queen in 2011, including an OBE and CMG, for his services to the British Monarchy.

Colin Armstrong Daughter

As news of Armstrong’s abduction spread, his daughter made a heartfelt plea for information on his disappearance. The ongoing investigation, led by Ecuadorian authorities with support from British intelligence services, is focused on locating the missing expatriate.

Colin Armstrong Released

Ecuador has seen a rise in kidnappings for ransom, often linked to drug trafficking gangs. The authorities are grappling with the complexities of this latest case, with the focus now shifting to unraveling the true identity and motives of Katherine Paola Santos.

The mysterious kidnapping of Colin has gripped both the local and international communities. As investigations unfold, the Armstrong family and their associates anxiously await answers, hoping for a swift resolution to this distressing situation.

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