Claire Inglis Stirling Son, Boyfriend, Family, Injuries

In a horrifying and heart-wrenching case, Claire Inglis, a 28-year-old mother, fell victim to the brutality of Christopher McGowan, a man who, far from offering protection, unleashed a staggering and senseless act of cruelty. Just weeks before Christmas in 2021, Claire Inglis boyfriend, McGowan, brutally murdered her, who had been part of her life for a mere 13 weeks.

Claire Inglis Son, Family

Claire Inglis, a 28-year-old mother, was known for being a loving and caring individual. Claire Inglis family described her as a “beautiful, amazing young mum,” she had a seven-year-old son who looked up to her.

Tragically, Claire’s life was marked by a brief but ill-fated relationship with Christopher McGowan, a man who was part of her life for only 13 weeks. Her family and friends had tried to protect her from McGowan, recognizing his troubled history and the danger he posed. Claire’s untimely death, just four weeks before Christmas, left a void in the lives of those who loved her.

Claire Inglis Boyfriend Christopher McGowan

Claire’s life was tragically cut short just four weeks before Christmas. Less than two months before her death, she had publicly announced her relationship with Christopher McGowan on Facebook. Christopher McGowan is a painter and decorator with connections to the drug scene. He had a troubling criminal record, including charges related to violence and domestic offences.

Just weeks before the murder, he had been released from prison, where he had been held for charges stemming from a high-speed police pursuit, including dangerous driving.

Tragically, Claire had been visiting McGowan in jail, marking the beginning of a short and ill-fated relationship.

A sheriff, after considering a social inquiry report that suggested McGowan’s “positive” relationship with Claire and his motivation to reform, granted him bail to stay at Claire’s address. McGowan was supposed to adhere to a curfew, which required him to stay in her flat at night.

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However, just days before the murder, he breached that curfew, and he was found intoxicated with Claire in Stirling city center at 9:00 PM when he should have been indoors.

McGowan had a history riddled with criminality, boasting 40 previous convictions, including three for assault and one with a domestic aggravation in 2014. He had also been subjected to four other bail orders at the time of Claire’s murder, with four of them being granted within a short span of two months.

Claire Inglis Injuries

The extent of the brutality inflicted upon Claire during that fateful night was shocking. She suffered at least 76 separate injuries, including severe injuries to her neck, two black eyes, and telltale signs of strangulation. The post-mortem revealed that her death resulted from a combination of head and neck injuries, accompanied by a subdural haemorrhage.

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The pathologist found that 50 grams of blood had leaked from small blood vessels within Claire’s skull, a painful testament to the agony she endured.